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Tournament of Power RP Sign-Up

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  • Tournament of Power RP Sign-Up

    Now for starters, this isn't strictly Dragon Ball nor does it necessarily even have to be in the Dragon Ball Universe. But, it is based on the Tournament of Power and its rules. There will be several different teams that will likely be made up of 10 people. You can have different OCs in different teams, perfectly fine. I'm thinking of ways to implement a time limit, but it might just be better to not have one at all. Anyways, you get knocked out of the arena you lose. Teams to lose all of their fighters are out of the competition. Whatever team has the most fighters at the end or if there's one team left at the end will win. Use your own characters, Dragon Ball, Hunter x Hunter, Bleach, whatever you want here. Just don't make a character that's too ridiculously overpowered, because that just wouldn't be fun. I'd say having most characters on about an even playing field is fine.

    Who's down?

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    Sign me up, I got four to use.






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      I've got several characters in mind, which I've used before

      Boros and the Dark Matter Thieves
      Gorkan and Gisaku, and his demon army
      The Gormiti
      One Eye
      Lavan, Erebus
      The Terrible Trio

      Now I just gotta find out how I trim these numbers and characters, 'cause the Gormiti are a huge armada (not only in numbers but in size), Gorkan's demon army is presumably pretty big (even if he only had like four samurai minions/generals at the start of the movie) and the Dark Matter Thieves are probably in the thousands if not millions crew-wise considering their ship is the size of a city.


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        Bumping this topic. I'm going to try and get this running once the current RP tournament is over.

        Characters I'll use, may add more later:

        I'll put up a bio page too


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          I'm joining in. Here's my team:

          -Kenshiro (Hokuto no Ken)
          -Monkey D. Luffy (One Piece)
          -Edward Elric (FMA)
          -Tanjirou Kamado (Kimetsu no Yaiba)
          -Ichigo Kurosaki (Bleach)
          -DIO (JoJo's bizarre Adventure)
          -Hisoka (Hunter X Hunter)
          -Hatake Kakashi (Naruto)
          -Thorkell (Vinland Saga)
          -Bakugo Katsuki (My Hero Academia)


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            Tournament of Power will start sometime this week.


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              Shirou Emiya, adult

              Will post bios later.


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                Originally posted by Vitalista View Post
                I'm joining in. Here's my team:

                -Kenshiro (Hokuto no Ken)
                -Monkey D. Luffy (One Piece)
                -Edward Elric (FMA)
                -Tanjirou Kamado (Kimetsu no Yaiba)
                -Ichigo Kurosaki (Bleach)
                -DIO (JoJo's bizarre Adventure)
                -Hisoka (Hunter X Hunter)
                -Hatake Kakashi (Naruto)
                -Thorkell (Vinland Saga)
                -Bakugo Katsuki (My Hero Academia)
                Don't forget to make bios, mmkay?


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                  I've got six. Together they are the Guardians of Light!
                  Naomi Whitaker- Star Guardian
                  Leader of the Guardians, she took the name Star Guardian, defender of the star light always piercing through even the depth of space. Her abilities revolve around the concept of stars more so than the actual phenomena, with the magic of the Guardians flowing through her, she is stronger and faster than normal by far, and can even move her legs in that form, this is doubly impressive given that she is a paraplegic.
                  As Star Guardian, her hair glows a bright pink, and she wears a uniform inspired by the Japanese animes she used to watch when she was 11. Her eyes also have a bright pink color in their iris that appears natural. She has problems with her self esteem and direction in life, but in the field she is still the de facto leader of the Guardians, always willing to fight on the frontlines.

                  Nara Bonfield- Sun Guardian
                  Naomi began alone, but was not so for long, the second member of the Guardians, she came to her powers trying to save Naomi from a threat she couldn't overcome alone. She lacked the same drive to fight the Darkness like Naomi did, but she wanted to protect those close to her, including Naomi and her family. As the Sun Guardian she controls heat and fire, defending the world and watching over it like the sun.

                  As the Sun Guardian she has bright orange hair, her outfit is also patterned off of Star Guardian's own uniform, her eyes almost glow with the bright orange of the sun and is constantly radiating warmth.

                  Hitomi Furuya- Woods Guardian
                  Hitomi was a quiet sickly girl, shy and withdrawn, before Naomi said hello to her, and tried to make friends. With perseverance Naomi broke through her shell, and Hitomi found herself joining them, eventually joining the Guardians to protect her newfound friends. These days she is much more outgoing and confident in herself, though she feels responsible for Naomi's paraplegia, and is determined not be a burden.

                  As the Woods Guardian, her eyes and hair turn a deep green, her outfit is also patterned off of Star Guardian's outfit, like most of the Guardians. One can distantly smell the feint scent of pine around her. Her powers revolve around the forest and plant life, always rising up to reach the light.

                  Ellen Smith- Winter Guardian
                  Raised with high expectations, she came from a long line of painters. She did not mind that, as she found her passions in painting as well, but expectations put upon her from almost everyone had left her feeling bitter towards art, even resulting in her swearing it off altogether until Naomi and Aarush came into her life. Aarush and Naomi helped her to rediscover her love of art without fear, and when the Darkness came, she rose up to defend her friends and family from this monster that seemed to corrupt everything it touched.

                  As the Winter Guardian, her hair is an icy blue, with her eyes sheening much deeper clear blue, her uniform is also based off of Star Guardian's uniform. Her powers revolve around the snow and winter, which which reflects and refracts the light, icy but also beautiful.

                  Anya Diaz- Diamond Guardian
                  A model since the age of four, she had always been distanced from any school, becoming a subject of gossip, apart from the class as a small celebrity. All except Naomi, who early on had become her friend in elementary. Almost her only friend until high school, she could feel the distance between them as Naomi got deeper into her duties as Star Guardian. She set out herself to confront Naomi and find out, eventually she'd join the Guardians as the Diamond Guardian.

                  As the Diamond Guardian, her glows a shiny blond yellow, and her eyes sparkle like gems, with yellow and sparkles, her uniform is again modeled off of Star Guardian's uniform. Her powers revolve around the gem and mineral which refract and direct light.

                  Aarush Laksha- Rainbow Guardian
                  A member of an ancient royal family within India, he was always trained for great things, to be a princess for the Laksha family. Aarush was assigned female at birth and raised as a woman, to be a maiden of magic, succeed the family, and raise the next generation of their family. However, Aarush rejected this as a transman, vehemently disappointing his family, who would send him off to America in shame. Almost abandoned by his family, he often harbored self hatred for being unable to be a good daughter for them. However, with Naomi, Nara, Hitomi, Ellen, and Anya he would eventually learn to embrace his nature as a man, and rather than rejecting his upbringing or his gender to combine the two and become a guardian.

                  As the Rainbow Guardian he is the light that pierces through even the darkest and most raging storms, his powers flow through water and pure light. His uniform as the Rainbow Guardian is not based off of Star Guardian's uniform, but rather with a flowing cape and ornamental sash around his body, as well as modern looking pants and gloves. The entire outfit's primary are white with gold trimming, the colors of his Guardian being made more clear during battle, in which he will often fight with pure light forming as rainbows, as well as control and creation of water.

                  Signature and Avatar by NinjaSushi


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                    Yeah, I'll pop in! And I'll even introduce a new OC while I'm doing it!

                    Daemon Keido

                    Aethan Keido

                    Abbey Keido

                    Marcus Keido

                    Herc Keido

                    Aleks Keido

                    And for a very special welcome......Thaddeus Cain, my brand new Warlock Gunslinger!
                    A Shadow is merely Darkness in the presence of Light

                    Thanks Kid Buu for this awesome sig!

                    The Emperor Protects


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                      Didn't see this but I'm registering just 3:

                      Ryu (Street Fighter)
                      Ken Masters (Street Fighter)
                      Akuma (Street Fighter)

                      But how about each role player each have a post count of 48? Cause, technically, we are there functioning Universe for our casts.

                      I'll add Akuma's bio later though.