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Tournament of Power RP Sign-Up

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  • Tournament of Power RP Sign-Up

    Now for starters, this isn't strictly Dragon Ball nor does it necessarily even have to be in the Dragon Ball Universe. But, it is based on the Tournament of Power and its rules. There will be several different teams that will likely be made up of 10 people. You can have different OCs in different teams, perfectly fine. I'm thinking of ways to implement a time limit, but it might just be better to not have one at all. Anyways, you get knocked out of the arena you lose. Teams to lose all of their fighters are out of the competition. Whatever team has the most fighters at the end or if there's one team left at the end will win. Use your own characters, Dragon Ball, Hunter x Hunter, Bleach, whatever you want here. Just don't make a character that's too ridiculously overpowered, because that just wouldn't be fun. I'd say having most characters on about an even playing field is fine.

    Who's down?

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    Sign me up, I got four to use.






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      I've got several characters in mind, which I've used before

      Boros and the Dark Matter Thieves
      Gorkan and Gisaku, and his demon army
      The Gormiti
      One Eye
      Lavan, Erebus
      The Terrible Trio

      Now I just gotta find out how I trim these numbers and characters, 'cause the Gormiti are a huge armada (not only in numbers but in size), Gorkan's demon army is presumably pretty big (even if he only had like four samurai minions/generals at the start of the movie) and the Dark Matter Thieves are probably in the thousands if not millions crew-wise considering their ship is the size of a city.

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