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    She simply took out a pad, and started drawing preferring to show off what she can accomplish. "I'm an artist, I can draw-" She said, hesitating, wondering if she's tooting her own horn to say this. Aw hell, this isn't the time for humility! "I draw well enough that it becomes real." If Axel took the time to peak around, he'd see an incredibly lifelike painting of the scene before them... And something new added, a small wooden bowl that seemed to be done so well, that were one to look at it, would have assumed the bowl was there in real life.

    And a few seconds, real life changed to suit the painting, and there was indeed a wooden bowl on the floor, as if it were always there. "If I can draw it, I can make it!" She said, before adding "Within a certain size. Mountains just end up being really small rocks." She said, and she'd know, she once tried that. She also couldn't replicate the innards of a creation if it were complex like a sea-worthy ship, but simple objects were easy to create. "If you need bullets I think I could make those! Or drop rocks on their heads, make the cannons fire early, anything's possible if I have a canvas!" She said, excited and willing to help any way she could.

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      ". . . I ate the Flame-Flame Devil Fruit," Ace replied. "It's a logia type."


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        "They're amazing," Matthew told Axel about Ace and Johana, "Not only that, Johana is a good cook and Ace is super reliable. Also, your power sounds really cool! You can be like some sort of giant! There's also some other uses, but I think I'll let you think about them."

        "As for my power, Here's what I can do!" Matthew extend his arm to the side. Shortly after, flames burst from his hand as it detached from its body. The hand then propelled itself where it touched a pillar that was on the other side of the room, before coming back to his arm to reattach itself. "Pretty neat, huh? This is my Roketto Rokketto no mi, I am a rocket human."

        "You are impressive people," Elton conceded, "...I believe we can fully trust you in helping us free the island."

        "Didn't I tell you, Old man? I dislike seeing injustice...Especially when it's pirates doing it! Pirates are supposed to be free and roam the endless sea, not pilfer things and take lives! And I'm sick of that view!"

        "What will you do about it?" Elton asked.

        "To remove the stigma associated with them, by becoming Pirate King! That is the dream that I, Matthew Marvel, Have!"

        "...The world will be different with you," Elton said, smiling, "Much more different. Very well, for now you people can rest. Then we'll discuss the plans later. Axel, please make our guests feel at home."
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          Axel listened closely as both Johana and Ace gave in depth descriptions of their capabilities and then watched as Matthew gave a quick demonstration of what he could do.

          "How does it feel when you shoot your limbs off like that? Looks like it wouldn't feel very...normal?" he said to the captain before turning his attention to the Fire Pirate.

          "A Logia user, eh? That's pretty amazing, I've never met one of your kind before but I've heard Logias are all insanely powerful and that they're impervious to attacks that don't counter their element." Axel said in a rather impressed sounding tone.

          Lastly he looked at the young painter "Your ability seems like it would defintely come in handy and I take it your power is a paramecia ability like mine and your captain's?"

          He clapped his hands together and smiled "Well then, with this many devil fruit users on the same team reclaiming Bamek should be a breeze." the tan male boasted confidently.

          "Well anyway, let me show you to where you can stay for the time being and if you need anything don't hesitate to ask." and with that he led to the group to a fairly large room further into the building, it was a bit of a mess but the furniture was still in good condition so it didn't matter all that much.
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            "Like the fruit?" She said, a finger going to her mouth in puzzlement. She... Didn't remember eating a devil fruit. But... Maybe?

            She didn't focus on that for long, instead following the tanned man to their temporary shelter. Bit of a mess, but unlike the ship, none of the walls had holes, so this was an improvement. For now, she didn't need anything either, just her paints, and a canvas to work with.

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              "Well, truth be told," Matthew replied to Axel, "I screamed at the top of my lungs when I accidentally detached my arm! Then I realized it didn't hurt and I could easily attach it again...I do miss swimming, though. But eh."

              Axel then would lead them into a room that had furniture. They weren't in the best of state, but they were still usable. Matthew saw a bed there and leapt on it, but the bed creaked.

              "Wow, you guys sleep on beds like this? You must have it tough."

              A short while later, Elton appeared.

              "Well, this is our main room," He told the group. "This is where we usually discuss plans." Elton then pulled a map, a one large enough to cover the table it was in. It was a detailed map of Bamek.

              "We are here," He pointed at a red cross, "This village used to be under Teggar's rule, but fortunately, he did not care about it enough to solidly protect it...So we managed to come in and swoop it off him."

              "And in the middle..." His finger went into the middle of the map, there was some sort of large, black chess piece. "This is the judgement tower, and where Teggar is."

              "Hm? So it's simple. We just have to go right into it." Matthew said.

              "...It isn't that simple. The road that directly leads there is closed and blocked of by most of his men. To go there is suicide...There is a longer, but much safer way. You see these check marks?"

              "Yeah, there's about four? the last one is close to the tower."

              "Yes, these are the villages aside this one. They happen to be on the road towards the judgement tower. So if we want to go the tower in one piece, we'll have to go through that road...which means entering these villages and exiting them. However, this is a good thing for us, if we can beat his squad that's in each village, we'll drastically weaken his forces."

              "I see," Matthew put his finger on his chin. "So basically, we go to these villages one by one and beat the crap out of his crew? That's fine by me."

              "Right. We will depart tomorrow morning, so for today...You are our guests. Relax and take your time."


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                "Yes sir!" Johana responded with gusto. She had... No real idea at the moment as to how to go about this, but they had to do it, and she was willing to go around saving the villages... No, she had to do this. She stared at the map, studying it as much as she could until her own eyes would begin to grow weary.

                They had to save these people. Living under evil pirates like this was... Unthinkable. They had to save these people.

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                  "No fighting until tomorrow?" Ace asked. "Well that's a bummer."


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                    The day passed as the crew rested.

                    Tomorrow had come, and the sun was barely rising.

                    "Listen closely, Everyone," Elton said to the crew who had woken up a bit earlier. "Preparations are complete and we will depart shortly. We will walk northwest from there and end up on this village," He pointed at a checkmark. "This is the village of Shona. As far as villages go, this is the smallest one, which means Teggar didn't give much attention to it. It will be very easy to take care of when we get here...but the road will be a bit difficult."

                    "How so?" Matthew asked.

                    "...It's something of a long trip, it would take us about a hour on foot," Elton replied. "With dozens of men it's going to take a while. Not to mention the road is somewhat unstable with rockfalls. There's also the chance we could meet up with some of Teggar's crew, but at this hour, I doubt there'd be much. However, if we stay calm, it won't be as hard."

                    "Alright! Let's go!" Matthew said, running out of the door, while Elton was befuddled. "I-Is he always like this ?" He asked the crew. "Eh, it doesn't matter. Let's follow him."

                    Elton's men and the crew wandered on a road, it was kind of narrow as from the right there were high cliffs and from the left there was the vast ocean.

                    "Halt! Who goes there?!" A group of pirates under Teggar appeared.

                    "Hum?! Elton again?! Didn't you learn your lesson yet, old man?!" The pirates then ran towards the group.

                    "Alright! Another fight!" Matthew said as he punched some of the pirates and sent them flying. "W-Who's this guy?!" The ones that weren't punched yet exclaimed.


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                      "Heh, let's pulverize these guys!" Ace exclaimed. He rushed forward and ignited his body with fire as he twirled forwards, attacking the pirates he passed.


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                        The ones left between them would find no respite, as quickly above them appeared a mass of bowling balls, each one being quickly filled in, one after the other as Johana drew and drew, fast as the wind, resulting in a small mound of bowling balls falling right on top of them.

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                          "Wow, you guys sure don't waste any time." Axel commented as the trio launched their assault and decimated most of the pirates in mere seconds. The brown haired male stuck his hand into his satchel and pulled out a basic rifle that was about the size of a common toothpick, it suddenly flashed for a second or two and just like that it was back to being the size a rifle was supposed to be. He then used it to pick off the small amount of pirates that managed to avoid the onslaught of fire, bowling balls and rocket fists.


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                            Between the bowling balls, flames, rocket punches and rifle shoots, the pirates opposing the crew were quickly taken care off. Some were burned, some were punched into the ocean or the cliff, some lost consciousness as a bowling ball hit their head and others died from the rifle shoot.

                            "Impressive..." Elton and his men were awestruck at what happened.

                            "Well," Matthew replied to Axel, "Just like the local bartender in my native island, who used to be a war veteran said: In battle, aim for a swift victory...Still, I think we got carried away, but eh."

                            "You'll all pay for this!" Only a single pirate was left and he ran away. "Hey, he might go get his buddies! Let's follow him." Matthew said as he ran after the pirate.

                            "C-Captain Teggar!" A pirate rushed in to Teggar's place. "We-We've just received report from the team we sent this morning, next to Shona!"

                            "What does the report say?"

                            "T-They all were defeated but one! The same who reported! He's falling back to Shona."

                            "How bothersome...But I have no faith that Shona's troop will take care of these pests," Teggar replied, "For they are under..."

                            "...The great cornholio!" Back at shona, a large man with a mohawk and sunglasses yelled, "I need TP for my bunghole!"

                            Cornholio then saw a woman and her daughter running away, quickly, he jumped and landed in front of them. A small tremor happened as his feet touched the ground.

                            "Do you want to see my bunghole?" He asked them.

                            "N-No, please have mercy on us!"

                            Cornholio then got angry, "Anyone who doesn't want to see my bunghole DIES! SHOOT!" The men all then shot the woman and her daughter.

                            "G-Great cornholio!" The pirate who ran from Matthew arrived. "T-This is horrible!" The pirate told Cornholio everything.

                            "I see, but most importantly, would you want to see my bunghole?"

                            "Ehm, S-Sure!"

                            "Here's my bunghole." Cornholio pointed at a large hole that was dug. The man then went to take a peek inside, and much to his horror, he found a pile of bodies resting above other corpses.

                            "HEY!" Matthew exclaimed as the group arrived. "So that's where you were...Ew, what's that smell?!"

                            "It's from my bunghole, and you'll join in!" Cornholio yelled.


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                              "Your dung hole?" Ace asked, not hearing correctly what Cornholio had said. "I'm sorry man, but that's just repulsive. To think you'd put us in a place like that . . . Just sickening." Ace then popped his knuckles and prepared himself for the next battle.


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                                Her fists were shaking seeing this shocking display of evil. Just... "They... They..." She grabbed Matthew's hand. "We need to make him pay for this. We-We need to make him pay for this!" She said, her voice trembling with anger, and her eyes welling with tears. She already got her canvas out, and was ready to aide them however she could. In fact, she made the first move, a great deal of corks filling the barrels of many a gun, as she quickly painted and painted in, which should prevent them from firing upon them so easily, forcing them to remove the corks before reloading their rifles, or inducing the possibility of them just blowing up their own gun if they fired. Give them time to run through them. But no matter what, her eyes would often stay focused on the monster with the ridiculous name who had them killed.

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