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  • One Piece RP Thread

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    "N-NO, HE'S COMING!" The man who quit the room yelled. Small tremors, one after another, started happening. They would grow in intensity, as a gigantic man had made his appearance.

    "I SAID, GIVE ME MOOOOOOOOOOOORE!" He yelled, the sheer force from his voice made the machines malfunction for a little bit. He then grabbed the injured man that was next to him, and threw him away like a ragdoll.

    He then looked at the crew, and Casino Rob.

    "BOSS!" He said to Rob. "GIVE ME SOMEONE TO FIGHT!"

    The casino's manager pointed at the crew. "Huh?! I want a real fight!...Which one of you will fight me?! Not the little girl, not the unconscious guy," He referred to Joanna and Matthew respectively.

    "So, little shrimp, it's you!" He pointed at Ace. "Follow me!" He then walked back into the arena, and waited for Ace there.
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    Ace headed to the arena and stood in front of his opponent.

    "Heh, this should be a breeze. Big ones like you are always the most fun to knock down." Ace cracked his knuckles and prepared himself for the brute.


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      "OH YEAH! WATCH THIS!" The brute pointed his finger at the sky. The curtains that covered both of them was now open; making it for anyone in the casino able to see the fight between the two. Then, a steel cage would make its way from the top, and it landed on the ground, trapping both the brute and Ace. This was a "hell in a cage" match.

      "W-Wait," A man who was on the casino said as he had recognized the brute. "T-That's "Ogre Strength" Demaro!"

      "D-Demaro?! You mean that notorious bandit?!" A woman exclaimed. "Y-Yes, it is indeed him... He's called Ogre Strength because of his superhuman strength...Strong enough to easily tear a man apart by one punch! That's why he earned his bounty of 18 million berries! Why is he there?"

      "EEEK! Someone call the marines!"


      Meanwhile, at the town where Buggy was caught.

      "C-Captain Morgan! We received a report!"

      "Hum? And where does it come from." He replied.

      "I-I'm not sure, it's a string of random coordinates...But importantly, they informed us about "Ogre Strength" Demaro being here!"

      "D-Demaro?!" Morgan exclaimed. "...So it was from Casino Rob's place...What would happen here?! If it gets closed, I'm gonna chase the guy who did this into the depths of hell!" He thought to himself.

      "Men! Let us depart...This will be our chance of capturing Demaro, who we have long been after." They would depart for the casino. It would be only a matter of time before they arrive.


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        "Hmph, these fights are always a bore," Sasaki quietly said to himself.

        Ace would take the lead of the fight by attacking first. As he launched his arm back, flames ignited his elbow and he launched it forward with an extra boost.

        "Huh? Flame-Flame Fruit?" Sasaski said. ". . . He's the one I'll kill."


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          "W-WHOA?!" Demaro yelled as Ace hit him straight in the gut. He then knelt, and saliva poured down from his body.

          "B-BOY! W-WHO ARE YOU?! GURHHHH...."

          "W-what?" The spectators exclaimed in surprise. "H-He made Demaro kneel by a single blow...Who is this boy?"

          Demaro got up, and yelled. "GYAAAAAAAAAARGH!" He then went for a punch to Ace, his fist being larger than Ace's entire body.


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            "Not a smart move," Ace replied. "Fire Fist!!" Ace met this massive punch head on with a flaming fist of his own.


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              Demaro could do nothing, as Ace had easily defeated him.

              The giant man then fell on the ground, shaking the whole casino as he collided with the ground, unconscious.

              Ace was the winner of the fight, and all of the spectators stared in befuddlement.


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                "Heh, and that's that," Ace said, clenching his fist with fire bursting around it.

                ". . . Hm, Fire Fist Ace, I won't forget you," Sasaki said. "I may not kill you today, but one day I will."


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                  "I..." Casino Rob could not believe his eyes just... Just... WHAT THE HELL JUST HAPPENED!? This man was a beast as he knew! The best his money could buy! And he was... Was...

                  "S-sir? What do we do?"

                  A pitiful wheeze escaped from his lips. The color clearly draining from his face... The minion would not receive an answer, as Casino Rob just blubbered about how this wasn't possible. "Sir, what should we do with them?" No response yet, just more blubbering.

                  "Sir!?" The man asked once more, needing a response but also fearful he may upset a very powerful man.

                  Luckily for him, Casino Rob was in no state to do so, and instead leaped behind the couch, shaking as he desperately hid from everyone.

                  Johana was also amazed, but also relieved, tears in her eyes welling upon seeing that they were safe, and that Ace had won!

                  "ACE!" She came down running, and hugged him tightly. "Thank you! You were amazing!" She said, her eyes a glow at what he had accomplished.

                  It was at this point that a crowd gathered, the cage being lifted, along with the doors opening... And a mass of people huddled around, not quite sure what to do now that Casino Rob was unresponsive and they lost...

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                    "O-Oi," One of the crowd said, as he saw Casino Rob completely change his behavior into one of a coward. "W-What's happening with Casino Rob?"

                    "...He lost his biggest moneymaker," A middle aged man replied. "Demaro was to Casino Rob his money-machine...You have no idea how much berries Demaro brought to him."

                    "Tch," One of the guards who accompanied Casino Rob scoffed. "RAISE YOUR WEAPONS! These bastards aren't going to destroy the casino's pride and go away scot-free!" There were about a dozen of them, and they all had pistols, all pointed at the group.

                    "SHO-" But before he could give his order, he was shot in the back. He then fell to the ground, lying in a puddle of his own blood.

                    "Looks like we hit the "jackpot" !" It was Morgan. He and the marines had arrived. The crowd in the casino were terrified at first, but then relieved as it was the marines. "G-Great, now they will capture Demaro and Casino Rob for their crimes!" They let out a cheer. Morgan, however, glared at them. And he snapped his finger.

                    "Men! capture anyone here," He ordered his men. "Betting money is a serious crime around here." He then looked at the group and was surprised. "...Marvel. This will be where I capture you, and finally get my promotion I've been dreaming about!"

                    "Tough luck! get through us!" The guards would then battle with the marines, but they were severely outnumbered. Meanwhile, the rest of the marines would try to quiet down the chaos by capturing each and every single person that was in the casino, including the unconscious Demaro and Casino Rob.

                    Morgan would instead head towards the group, as Matthew was unconscious, this was a wonderful occasion for him to finally capture this aspiring pirate.


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                      Johana stiffened up seeing that massive man going towards them. She was thankful he arrived just in time to stop their summery execution, but getting keel hauled by the marines wasn't any better. took Matthew, and tried to drag him every from Captain Morgan, as quickly as she could while dragging another person, which admittedly wasn't very fast.

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                        "You can't capture us for gambling," A man said as he was taken away by the marines. "This is corruption! and I will complain about it!"

                        "Go on," A marine office taunted him. "We'll loop your head off if you say a word!"

                        The man's eyes widened. "I-I finally know who you are, Morgan's team! The most corrupt and rotten marines in East blue! You didn't capture us because of a crime, but because one of us could report the fact you partook in gambling activities, serious offenses for marines!"

                        "You know too much. DIE!" He shot the man point blank. "Toss him into the sea, nobody will find him here."

                        Morgan meanwhile, was still going after Johana. "Why is Marvel unconscious.." His face contorted into one of shock as a thought came to him upon remembering the unconscious Demaro.

                        "Y-You, Marvel...You took down Demaro as well?! First buggy, now that bandit?! You definitely will promote me! DIE!" He swinged his massive axe at Johana.


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                          "Fire Kick!!" Ace yelled, swinging his leg at Captain Morgan's face.


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                            "EEEIGH!" Johana cried out, feebely holding her arms out, as if that would stop him.

                            luckily for her, Ace was here, crying out "Fire Kick!" She immediately grabbed the unconscious pirate captain and moved, dragging him back as quickly as she could. She didn't even wait to see if he stopped it entirely or if Morgan's blow simply landed in the wrong place.

                            just go and go fast. She dragged him back a bit, and as the two fought, she quickly sketched out a board with wheels that could be faster in getting them both out of here. Drag him, lift him up just enough, plop him onto the board, and call out "ACE!" Before wheeling away him and jumping on top to ride him through the hall and doors. If they went through a long enough hall, she'd draw a dozen doors, each leading to absolutely nothing, but at the least the marines would have to check each and every door. Assuming Ace followed quickly, he'd at least see them pass through the only real doorway. Hopefully it'd at least distract the marines.
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                              Morgan would be hit in the face by Ace's kick and he was sent crashing into some of the rolling slot machines.

                              "C-Captain! B-Bastard!" They would ready their guns at Ace, who was getting away alongside Johana. "DON'T!" Morgan yelled, as he got up, although barely and very bloodied.

                              "Bullets will simply go through him," He told his subordinates, "He must have eaten a fire logia! We have no choice of winning this...Let them go this time! However, capture the others."

                              "B-But sir, we can't allow pirates to go free-" A soldier said, before Morgan slashed his body with his axe.

                              "Don't defy me, You could have been burned alive if you continued." Little did the crew know, Morgan took the time to set an ambush in the entrance.

                              "He might have a logia, but he could still be inexperienced with it! We can take him out with a surprise attack! Let's go, men!"

                              Morgan and a bunch of his men then followed after Johana. Meanwhile, the rest of the marines were busy subjugating the crowd.

                              Eventually, some of them stumbled upon Sasaki. "Hey wait," One of them said as he recognized Sasaki. "You're sasaki, aren't you? Well, you've been helpful to us...But it's time to go to jail!" They would try to capture him.