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Niagara Falls Holy Grail War part 2

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  • Niagara Falls Holy Grail War part 2

    Welcome back to the Holy Grail War, now on the new site. I'll be posting the links to...

    the sign up plus example questions.

    The character generation thread.

    And of course, the main thread itself for continuity.

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    Berserker has been seen and identified, and will be noticed going out in public. Mordred as been seen and identified, and will be noticed going out in public. Assassin's true form has been identified, and will be noticed going out in public. Saber has been seen and identified, and will be noticed going out in public. Archer has not been seen or identified, he will not be noticed, Assassin's other form has not been identified, and will not be noticed going out in public.
    Rin Tohsaka has been identified, and will be noticed going out in public. Mulla has been identified, and will be noticed going out in public. Liliana has been seen and identified, but her appearance has changed drastically, and she will not be noticed going out in public (though this is not foolproof). Robert has not been seen or identified, and will not be noticed in public. Ambers has not been seen or identified and will not be noticed in public. Bazett has been seen and identified and will be noticed going out in public. Niko has not been seen or identified and will not be noticed going out in public.
    The world of magic has been revealed. A massive battle in the city of Niagara Falls, and the failure of the Church and Mage’s Association to keep it secret. With many of the servants dead, the holy grail war would seem to be coming to a close, in fact, enough servants have died for that normally to be the end. But servants still live, many in fact, particularly two Sabers. Two of the same class. And the intertwining of two worlds, never meant to meet...

    Before the holy grail war had begun. Another wizard, from a far off plane and an alien world. He had power beyond imagining for most mortals. For his own reasons however, he wanted more. That brought him to this world. An effort to reach Akasha. His methods were a danger to the world however, and so the counter force fought against it. A struggle that could see no end, the wizard saw that his attempts to gain it directly would only end in a stalemate. He instead sent a force in, from yet another universe. This was allowed, but it broke the balance between worlds. Weakening the barrier between them. And so when the holy grail began, and the magic was gathered at the same time, in similar places. It pierced the veil. Two grail wars being held concurrently. Two of each class. Of each grail.

    A reporter is giving Ambers multiple questions, seeing her as a hero after witnessing her defeat the monster that the Magi would know as ‘Assassin.’ Waver Velvet had found the truth of the situation, the existence of both universes, despite being mostly divorced from the war now. Anton Smith was at the church, caring for the weak as well as he could given his responsibilities. Soon he’d have to leave. Bazette reflected over her failure to keep the war secret. Rin was also heading up to the grail, alongside the river, and she would soon be witness to the event to follow...

    Berserker, Liliana, and Mulla had come to the site of the grail, the hole in the sky that was the source of this entire conflict turned calamity. One attack, meant to obliterate this grail. This evil that had ruined their lives.

    It was attacked. A bright and glorious light striking against it with all it’s power. The wish of spite, to end the grail, and destroy the source of their woe. It struck true however. And it retaliated the only way it knew how.

    As it struck, a black disgusting mud, glowing red with malice began to spill out. Setting fire to all it touched. Smoke would quickly bellow out. Much of it fell into the water, quickly boiling the water, and soon the entire river, flowing down water hot enough burn and scar. For the most part, it simply followed the path of least resistance. And yet... It did not mindlessly move, not all of it. A large portion of it, that which remained on land, seemed almost aware. Barely. But enough. One could almost see the hands coming out of it, stretching out, pushing themselves, crawling over itself. It came towards its assailant. The one who struck at it. A dying grail, desiring revenge at this attack. Outwardly, and yet, there was also amusement in it. It was only vaguely aware of the world outside itself. But even a vague notion could see what had happened. Destruction not seen since the fourth grail war, accomplished almost entirely without the grail. Something, somewhere laughed. It was just as deserved. It’s hatred justified in entirety. It flowed out. All of it’s black hate. Some trying to capture the tarnished king. Some simply lashing out at a world that had proven itself cruel.

    And when it was over, when the mud ceased its deliberate flowing. The ring of fire ended up covering a swath of destruction a mile wide. Warnings bellowed out, soon as they realized it, loud speakers practically yelling once again to evacuate. Those trapped would find themselves burned alive in all the world’s evil.
    For the environment it was an ecological disaster. For the two cities that named themselves for the river, this was the biggest tragedy they had faced, in combination with the dragon attack and the revelation of magic. For the nation's of the world, this was a showing of the raw danger magic could have.

    The grail was seemingly gone after all this...

    The area from the Niagara Centre for the arts, to the northern edge of the Niagara Parks Floral Showcase, to just before 8th Street on the American Niagara Falls will burn. The rainbow bridge connecting the two will be destroyed, the islands near it will also be rendered wasteland. The military in this area will evacuate. A fleet of helicopters are converging on the waterfall itself, scanning. The area around it has been declared a disaster zone, and the military will shortly be enforcing a perimeter to keep civilians out.

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      Artoria shrieked. Without even thinking, she had thrust herself in front of her cub to defend her from the wave of wicked mud and felt it splash against her skin. When it did that, even the great wrath of her class had to falter at how truly agonizing it was. How could anything withstand it, All The World's Evils staining her flesh? Mulla fell to the ground like a puppet with strings cut despite Artoria's stepping in front of her. The strain of being the Grail container was getting to be too much, her mobility and mind being gobbled up further by the void every second. In a sense, Artoria was fighting to save someone already terminal.

      "Go on, Artoria. Go on..." Mulla murmured, mercifully not even hearing nor feeling the screams of her servant nor the stench of the mire. Artoria writhed and twisted about, blocking more and more of the mud to burned down to her bones every time. The waves were growing higher now, high enough that their pollution even touched her furious eyes. The yellow of her anger was pitiful next to the black destructiveness of the Grail.

      "HRIYAHH!" She was familiar with this ugliness, the very same thing that she had felt moments before vanishing before, with that other mage. She did not make the connection beyond further fueling her fury as she thought of HIM. He must have known that destroying the unholy Grail would lead to such, his wickedness was not in doubt! And yet, for all she struggled with her heroic strength, the mud snatched away at her. She thrust the holy sword forward and unleashed its crackling light in a brutish gesture of power, blowing apart the land in front of her for several meters with the shockwave of the blast. And yet, some of it still clung to her. "WAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!" Magical energy snapped tendons within her as they were pushed to the limit, forced bones to break. Blood streamed between her teeth as she surged with all the mana she could muster, the mana burst's crackling power sundering the ground at her sides. Inch by agonizing inch, the mud was forced away from her body. Large chunks of rotted flesh and armor fell away from her; she seemed almost like a swiss cheese mockery of her usual self with those holes.

      "Mulla...!!!" She could not rely on her own strength anymore, that strength had vanished the moment she had attacked the Grail. She did not regret doing so, but all the same, it meant that her inner fire had sputtered. She could rely only on motherly strength to pry herself from the gloom. With one last slash of her holy, fury-endowed blade, Artoria tore away from the muck and leaped backwards. Grabbing Mulla in her arms, she fled. She fled in random directions, howling at the top of her lungs all the while. She fled while smashing through trees in her way with great strokes of her blade as though it was a cheap woodsman's axe. She fled and fled and fled until her Instincts finally stopped screaming and she collapsed to the ground. She cradled the girl in her arms as reassurance that she was still there; she couldn't see her after all.

      It wasn't the sensory overload of madness, but rather the splash of mud that had met her eyes. Artoria's eyes were but black pits in her face now, a terrible complement to the rest of the wounds covering her. And for all of her efforts to save her master, what did she receive? Merely soft breaths that assured her she was still alive. Alive, but in so deep a sleep she was not awake. Artoria would have been content to close her own now non-existent eyes as well and rest with her were it not for one thing.

      "Is IT still up there?"

      "...Yes, my master. It is, but not. Don't know. It's...is but isn't! The corpse of it!"

      "I see. Well, that's annoying. I wish we'd vaporized it all. Is Lili still there too?"

      Artoria didn't respond to Mulla's question. Of course she had left her behind, she had to save the one she cared about! Why was it wrong to do that? Liliana did not merit the blood and tears that she had shed for the pitiful little homunculus! None of it! And yet...Mulla's voice was quieter than a mouse. She needed a MAGE. Curling her lips, the blinded, crippled Berserker bellowed to the heavens and sent a crackling, painful thought through the link of master and servant that she, Liliana, and Mulla shared.

      "COME HERE!" she demanded. "She needs you..." And not me.
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        Lost amidst a vortex of familiar, haunting darkness, Elizabeth Bathory screamed as she felt herself plummeting away from reality. Is this where she was born? Is it where she disappeared last time in that damn prison cell? She felt everything slipping. Into... nothing. Just nothing. This was a horrible decision. That foolish girl would let her stay dead. Even worse, she knew that Berserker had somehow finesse'd her way out of yet another mortal confrontation. Bathory would curse the ridiculous nature of Berserker's nine lives - everything from surviving the impossible to divine intervention - if not for the fact that she was coming apart at the seams herself. She had no time to linger on grudging against the one who forced her to end her own second chance at life. But it wasn't just Berserker... that damn mage, the damn girl...why did she trust anyone after the last time? The first time she took a calculated risk and then... this. She hadn't been so fortunate and despite well laid plans to avoid this fate, it seemed unavoidable now. The terrifying reality that Ambers simply hated her settled in. All denial that a permanent death could be the outcome of that battle suddenly exploded into a frenzied panic as she lost everything all over again, her mind's eye dwindling closer and closer to the infinite nothingness she feared so much. She plead, to a god, to anyone to help.

        She would wish that she had stayed dead.

        Ambers Seanmi was taken aback by the questions initially but blinked hard and appeared truly emotional and yet strangely resolute in her confidence despite what just happened. If the public weren't so hysterical over literal magic suddenly becoming a thing it might be obvious that this was scripted. She had to honestly reflect on the questions though. She reveled in the attention and having to think on her feet like this, almost as if she were evolving as the world did to suit her own needs.

        "I was... I was working in the hospital. A few days ago several police officers went into a frenzy and turned on each other. I... saw the aftermath of that. Had to watch one of our patients die even though the surgery was a success it... was heartwrenching. I can only imagine that one of those monsters like the one... I... I... killed one, didn't I? How did I..." She glanced down at her shredded and bloody hands, clearly still affected by the heavy surge of adrenaline and pain medication. "I'm sorry... I think they are capable of a wide array of horrible deeds if the police incident is indeed tied to them as I believed when I first saw that abominable dragon in the sky. How could I not associate them? That's when I ran. I ran as fast as I could down to the EMTs and jumped in the first one I could. My brother is out there and..." Ambers choked back well faked tears.

        "He's... still missing. I have hope, though. I knew I couldn't forgive myself if I didn't try to destroy that thing, everyone was dying or paralyzed with fear... I could only look at the brave men twisted on the ground and when I imagined one could be my brother..." She choked on the words that would naturally come next and returned back to the police murders, her hands shaking as the pain became apparent. The interview was intentionally scattershot as she imagined nobody in her position would be able to keep it organized, especially having been pulled aside and asked all of this in the same exact evening. "It's all too tragic for words. The losses we've suffered as a people can only be healed through action but unfortunately... I think that killing the monsters themselves is... next to impossible." She bit the sentence off to let the feeling of dread and hopelessness seep in, her tear-soaked eyes searching the blank space in the room for an answer.

        "But we don't need to kill the monsters outright. We need to cut off their metaphorical head, not the literal one..." She paused. "Even though... that is what I did." She tried to smirk. "The humans who give them power. Just that one nearly killed me and everyone else in the vicinity despite having been torn to shreds and rendered immobile. It was in pieces when I attacked it and yet with a mere gesture it could commit mass murder. It killed so many, so fast. It wasn't even the one that created the dragon, I heard. If it didn't take but a single blow to kill, I'd be dead and so would the rest of us. I just moved on my own, I guess... I had formal martial arts training when I was much younger and stay in shape but other than that, I lucked out. We all did." Ambers paused to remember the line of questions in order and then her mouth went slightly agape about the question towards running for office.

        "I'm sorry, I can't quite keep all of my thoughts together. I'm rambling a lot so I hadn't quite remembered saying that until now. I'm sorry I brought it up now of all times but the outrage I felt was too great in the moment. I'd run as an Independent, which is what I'm registered to vote as. It's pretty simple: politics have created the whole ignorant state of affairs that allowed these rats to scurry in the shadows and treat people like livestock to feed on. Until the problem can be treated as a way to garner votes, they didn't care about investigating. I hope anyone elected to the Mayoral position in this crisis would see to it that the hunting down of these "mages" to be the top priority." Ambers chewed on what she had heard second-hand from first response. "We... strongly suspect that these gluttonous abominations gain their power from ordinary looking people that can hide in plain sight. Compared to their monsters, they are probably easier targets. But by no means will this war against magic be an easy one. They couldn't control such powerful creatures if they didn't have power of their own. We need to root them out of hiding. All of them. We need to do everything we can to encourage their capture or their deaths. I am aware that is extreme, but, if you were able to look to the skies today and say that we aren't living in an age of extremes then you are in denial. I don't think any of the citizens in this proud city are in denial, I think we've very much been awakened to a cancer that needs to be excised."

        Calling myself a cancer... and I kind of believe it too... how did I fall this far? Well, I mean it. Bathory... you went too far. I didn't think... it may be my fault for underestimating your savage intent but I will make up for it by killing every single other mage and ending this Grail War with the opportunity provided to me now. I can't repent any other way. This has gone past getting my old life back...!

        A swell of pride ripped into the beautiful girls' psyche and she felt blood and anger flush into her face, clearly too exhausted to continue the interview past this point and yet she pushed to her feet, answering the last question finally. "How do we stop this magical plague?? Today was a statement heard across the world: they believe humanity weak and hopeless; that we've fought each other so much that we'll be demoralized by their cowardly genocide in broad daylight! They think now we'll roll over and allow them to feed on us like parasites... we will show them how wrong they all are. They have forgotten what makes us human! When history has demanded a call to arms we have always answered with an unmatched unity that can never be shattered! I saw paralyzing fear in men's eyes today and that's when I truly felt despair. I knew I had to do something!" She slammed her hands on the table, actual tears dropping into the small amount of blood that found its way through the bandages. The other medics nearby stared in awe and were pleading with their eyes that she go to the hospital at once. She ignored them.

        "We will fight them in the fields until the last farm collapses, in the cities until our homes are in ruin! We will stand united as the last shots are fired! When there is no more ammunition we will crush them with the stones that paved our roads! We will fight them in the alleys until our knuckles are skinned and bloody!!" She ripped the bandages off her left hand and held it up for them to see in a grisly display of the new reality. The trembling, flayed hand managed to ball into a fist as she shook uncontrollably, clearly only standing from willpower and pain medication alone now.

        "Until the last weapon is shattered, we WILL fight back! And if we find ourselves surrounded and disarmed, wounded and without hope, we will raise our heads from the dirt in defiance and spit in their faces: THIS IS OUR HOME AND WE WILL NEVER SURRENDER!!!" She let loose as a rallying cry before falling into unconsciousness, her co-workers rushing over to her collapsed body and immediately began gathering her up while shaking their heads and sending dirty looks to the reporters.

        ...heh... I hope... that worked... I feel like I heard that... somewhere. What... got into me? Bathory... you can... burn... a little... longer...
        Brother! Your crusade IS OVER!!