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Bjorn the Butcher vs Lady Ysabel

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    The Scarlet Knight was certainly shocked to see Bjorn cutting his own palm on his weapon but she had gotten used to oddities by now. Without so much as words needed she understood what it meant, that Bjorn was going to respect her wishes should she win this bout; Such was the language of warriors, no matter what the many realms involved. A language that ironically needed no words, no sentences, only acts.

    With that, Ysabel raised her blade high and parried against Bjorn's axe, the sound of clanking metal was heard and sparks from the friction between the two weapons were seen. Ysabel was still struggling against his might before she looked down at his feet and swung her own legs at them in hopes of making him lose his balance and trip down. If that was successful, The Iron Lady would simply strike him with everything she had with a well placed punch to the face, said punch having the power to casually shatter boulders and walls alike.