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Bjorn the Butcher vs Lady Ysabel

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  • Bjorn the Butcher vs Lady Ysabel


    Scenario: Ysabel returns from her journey, empowered and more determined than ever. What she returns from is not what she remembered, instead her world is under siege from Chaos itself. She returns near the leader of the invasion. The Daemon Prince of Khorne, Bjorn The Butcher.

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    Suddenly appearing out of thin air, Ysabel found herself in her world, she had been gone for a while and returned after what was undoubtedly her most perilous journey so far. But it was not without any merit as she had grown infinitely more powerful than before: She thought she became what she never believed in- A God.

    Unfortunately for her there was no time to savour this seed of hope she was granted as somehow, things were even worse than possible. She could feel presences more vile and putrid than any of her world- As a matter of fact, it resembled more her last journey which was off-world.

    "What the hell is this?" Ysabel asked, confused about the current situation. Her attention was immediately brought to who she assumed to be the leader; Bjorn the Butcher. His presence alone drowned the many others. Perhaps this was the true first test concerning her newfound strength and power.


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      Ysabel's first look at Bjorn would reveal a beast of a man that had the stature of a god killer. Towering over mortal men and the demons surrounding him. Herculean would've been a good descriptor, but there was no sense of good that came from him, no golden light beam put on him. His body and his soul tainted by the stench of Chaos. His blood and battle lust miasmic, an aura permeating throughout the structure, thick so as to be able to be tasted on the air, like rusted iron and dried blood. His red eyes piercing through not only the bodies of the demons of this world, but their very souls as his dane axe cleaved through several of them with ease.

      Immediately after a demon desperately attempts to leap onto his back, then being flipped over his shoulder, its skull being smashed underneath his boot with a squish and crunch. Then another demon charging straight forward with its Bull's head, Bjorn responding by hooking behind the horns with his axe, flipping the demon onto its back. It turned onto its stomach in an attempt to get back up to its feet but Bjorn placed his boot behind its shoulders, then putting his dane axe around its throat, pulling it up simultaneously as he stomped down, decapitating the demon. The entirety of the throne room was in this state, broken and limbless demon bodies surrounding Bjorn, a verifiable body ladder.

      ""þu færðist of mikið í fang." He would say to none in specific, towards his victims. Then his red eyes would lock on to Ysabel as she stood at the other end of the room, no doubt a witness to the devastation. A sickly grin growing on his face as he taunted, his arms raising as though he was gesturing her to look at his handiwork. His own Daemons then flooding the room, warped and marred by the touch of Chaos. Bloodletters, Spawn and even some of this world's own residents. Forming a circle around the two. An audience.


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        And Ysabel looked impressed with the way he dispatched two demons. Back then- She had needed guile and strategy to just take out one of them- and dealing with two was a pending death sentence if there was no way you could flee.

        However, the key word was "back then". That was the past, and now this was the present- The current moment. She turned her head side to side, seeing the daemons surrounding Bjorn and the red haired knight like spectators from hell. These demons were quite different from anything she saw and Ysabel came to a theory- These monstrous creatures were from a foreign world. After all, If Ysabel could leave her world- then it was possible that threats could make their way into hers.

        "I get it, we're not gonna resolve this by words," Ysabel said, in response to Bjorn's taunting she slowly unsheathed her blade before holding it firmly in front of her. "I've become more powerful than ever. And I'll see to it that this strength I gained will not be for naught!!"

        She made the first move as she ran towards Bjorn- The warrior of chaos would find her to be far faster than any demon he had come across in this land, before she leapt high up in the air and came crashing down at him with a swing of her sword. It had enough force behind it to split the land asunder.


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          As Ysabel charged forward, the tattooed runic symbols on Bjorn's body glowed like piercing beacons of red light. His eyes becoming like fire. And he met her speed in kind as he brought up the shaft of his axe to meet the swing of the blade. And perhaps to Ysabel's horror, it held. Now face to face with Bjorn The Butcher, chosen of Khorne.

          As the two weapons met each other, they angered screams and wails of untold billions of souls roared between the distance of the two. Every slain soul at Bjorn's hand. Screaming twisted words, none whispered, for that was the nature of Khorne. There was no subtlety to be had. They yell to Ysabel to surrender, to submit to the same fate they had. But, above them all, Bjorn's voice roared above the rest of them.

          "Ash, hún opinberaði margt um þig. Kraftur þinn, gildi þín. Ég mun brjóta bæði" (Ash revealed much about you, your power and values. I will break both.)

          He'd say to her as he would then use his chaos given strength to shove her back, to create distance.

          "Í dag, muntu deyja!" (Today, you will die!)
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            "What the-" Ysabel went as she heard the souls of the damned screaming- with Bjorn's voice drowning them. He then pushed her away with enough force to send him crashing into a wall of the castle, causing it to collapse. Thankfully, she became durable enough to shrug off those kind of hits- and she had a thought that from now on Ysabel will have to get used to being ragdolled like this.

            The knight stood up, shaking her head and sighing. "Did you say...Ash?" She asked Bjorn. Though the words left her mind- she didn't know if Bjorn could even comprehend her or if she would even understand his answer. Nevertheless, Ysabel resumed the fight by grabbing her sword high up, pointing it to the sky.

            Dark clouds gathered and swirled around the point of her sword's tip before a lightning bolt struck the sword. Ysabel targeted Bjorn and with that, the very same lightning bolt headed for the Axe-Wielder, amplified further. This was one of her moves; Godly Retribution.


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              The dark clouds gathered at the tip of Ysabel's sword and Bjorn looked with his eyes unchanging in expression. A constant, eternal battle and bloodlust clouding his mind. Normally such things could fade with time, but as the homeworld of chaos would say, the ruinous powers would never let that happen. The reality however, was that Bjorn had always been this way. His fury, his lust for battle, blood, trophies and honor surpassing that of even the most dedicated of Khorne's manifestations. Chaos could not replicate the man made by one thousand years of cataclysmic warfare. Allowing himself to slip to Chaos did not enhance those characteristics.

              It gave power to them.

              But, those characteristics had never been tested before, even before the unbreakable stands of Fovos, he had remained determined. Never had he tested his mettle against that of a Goddess. One delivering divine judgement with the hammer of the gods: lightning.

              The effect was devastating, instantly Bjorn's body bore scars of the superheated lightning coursing underneath his flesh. Permanently etched. The striking point in his chest a singed and charred crater that bled little, not due to a lack of power, but simply because Ysabel's lightning had instantly cauterized the wound. The wound no doubt, fatal.

              But instead of dropping in a heap, Bjorn stayed standing. His breathing was heavy and fast, his eyes leaking smoke from the small gaps that his eyes didn't cover. His nose doing so as well. Spitting out the tip of his tongue as he had bit it, steaming blood dropping onto the floor and singeing the tile.

              "Núna deyrðu!" (Now you die.)

              He yelled, his whole body flexing involuntarily. Veins popping nearly through his skin and musculature, head turning up to the sky as he raised his axe. Blood stained beard shining and smoking as he then let out a warcry

              Then he charged at Ysabel.

              But not at any normal speed, as he sprinted towards her he left flashes of himself behind. Looking to shoulder check her into the wall of the castle, and then drive a knee into her face should she be unable to get out of the way. Otherwise he'd smack into the wall hard enough to destroy it.


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                Bjorn despite his immense frame was also quite the speedster- He was so fast that he left after images of himself. Any unsuspecting fool would be easily deceived by it, and would surely never ever see Bjorn coming for them.

                But Ysabel was different.

                She was troubled by his speed, but she had for a long time a way to deal with speedsters. She had been in many battles and fought off foes faster and stronger. The knight's eyes glowed red and she saw a vision of the future, and in it, she witnessed Bjorn tackling her then knee her in the face. She didn't have enough time to get out of the way so instead Ysabel opted to hold her sword horizontally. When Bjorn tackled her, he would tackle the blade of the sword instead, while Ysabel tried to stand on her ground and push back against him. In doing so, instead of slammed into the wall, Bjorn simply pushed the red haired lady a few feet back, both leaving their trail on the ground with their feet.

                It was a test of strength.


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                  What Ysabel did not understand was that Chaos was not a stagnant force. Strength and Speed was a limitless commodity, ebbing and flowing just as waves on the shore. For the right price, both could be given in ludicrous amounts. A condition, an emotional payment.

                  For Bjorn, this was excitement from the heat of battle. To face opponents able to give him the fight that he always sought. Those that could outmanuever him, that could outthink him, overpower him. Those that could harm him, that could injure him.

                  Ysabel would see as she held back against his charge that his eyelids were now as far open as possible, his eyes wild with primal instinct. The miasma of chaos dancing around his body as his muscles bulged with new mass. Her standoff now giving in to the sheer power of Khorne's chosen, paying the emotion of excitement forward for overwhelming power. Veins nearly bursting through his skin and his red eyes now turning blue like those of the hottest stars. While the lighting that emanated from him gave off a cold and icy color, the heat was as hot as the eighth circle of hell itself.

                  Bjorn did not attempt to toss Ysabel out of the way of his charge forward. He continued on towards the wall with Ysabel dragging her feet to stop him. If she did not stop him, he would continue to go forward, until he would break the wall with her body and then on to the next one. If she wanted to engage in a test of strength, he was going to give her one.


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                    "Is he getting stronger?!" Ysabel shouted outloud in utter confusion as she soon came to realize that meeting Bjorn in a physical contest was not the best of ideas. Even though she would manage to hold back a little Ysable quickly found herself going through the wall and into another one.

                    "Enough!!" She shouted as she let herself fall to the ground backwards, before putting her hands on the earth and coming up to drop kick Bjorn straight in the face. However she suspected it perhaps would not do much damage and if she did manage to drop kick Bjorn in the face she would leap from his head away from him.


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                      Ysabel slipped underneath his push, and with deft movement, managed to rise up between the gap of his chest and weapon to deliver a kick underneath his chin. Stopping his charge momentarily as he brought a foot up to stomp down on her, but found that she had already rolled away. He looked from one side, finding she wasn't there, and then the other where she actually was. An open mouth grin as he spat out a tooth she had knocked loose with her counter. The blood in his mouth drooling from his lip and staining his beard.

                      His body turned back towards her fully once more. Her assumption that her attack wouldn't do much was wrong. Ysabel was powerful no doubt, no amount of chaos empowerment could change that. Every strike she threw was one capable of felling mortal men with ease. And most likely, had this been Bjorn's former self, he would no doubt have already fallen. Due to Ysabel having put so much distance between them both, Bjorn took the time to take out a sharpening rock, running it along the cutting edge of his axe. Each scrape igniting small bits of castle debris on the floor.


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                        "So that actually did something, eh. Good to know that you're another problem that can be solved by punching hard enough." Ysabel told Bjorn, whether he understood or not was none of her concerns. The lady then saw Bjorn was sharpening his axe and thought to herself that she shouldn't forget to sharpen her sword, too, a sharper godly sword is better than a godly sword.

                        "Okay...Have at me." Ysabel said bringing her sword and held it with two hands, while awaiting Bjorn's next move.


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                          Bjorn put the sharpening stone away into one of his satchels, rising back up to his feet. His lightning scars pulsing with the red glory of Khorne. His musculature seizing like that of a cramp, releasing, then seizing. Growing stronger.

                          Within the palpable anticipation of this fight, one Berserker within the crowd of Daemons attempted to break through, making a charge for Ysabel as she was turned away from him. And, if Ysabel looked into Bjorn's eyes in that moment, what she'd see was a primal rage erupt within him as he charged straight for the Berserker, taking him over his shoulder, ramming him into the wall, and then driving his knee so hard into the Berserker's head that all that was left was a caved in skull.

                          "Þið svívirðið öll þennan bardaga..." (You all dishonor this fight)

                          Bjorn said through heavy breathing, attempting to control himself.

                          "Þorir enginn ykkar að trufla aftur!" (Don't any of you dare try to interfere again.)

                          Bjorn would say afterwards as he'd reveal the corpse to the rest as an example.

                          Then, in what may seem shocking to Ysabel, Bjorn would attempt to be somewhat diplomatic, speaking to her in her language, albeit heavily flavored by his icelandic accent.

                          "That was a stain on my honor. I am obligated to grant a condition on this duel, should you win. What is it?"


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                            Ysabel had reacted to the Berserker that stepped out of line and headed for her. She was ready to deal with him, but she had noticed that Bjorn crashed into him and dispatched of him, causing her to be stumped and confused as to why he had done so. They were Bjorn's soldiers! Once again, the butcher spoke in his strange language that Ysabel couldn't comprehend before shocking her with his last statement- as if he had just learned to speak her language instantly.

                            "I see..That's why he did that. I respect him a little more, now." She thought to herself, thankful for Bjorn's act. "Nothing too complicated. I want you all to go away and never come back to this world. That is my condition if I defeat you. I truly hope you intend to honor it." The knight told him.