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Tournament Finale: Free For All

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    Ash's eyes were closed at this point, their silent tremors in their body, tangled up in vines, restrained from movement, they could barely breath let alone fight...

    They hung there motionless. For now, it genuinely seemed that they were defeated. As if the two were not about to come to blows right in that very room, the Chaos that Ash had brought them to.

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      The vines around Ash's throat loosened, allowing them the air to breath properly at the very least. He could afford to do that at the very least, especially with this warrior implying a course of action if he had no regrets.

      Aariv turned to Ysabel fully, his golden glowing orbs then turning crimson red. Indicating the combat prepared mind state that he had entered.

      "You saved my life twice, the first time I owed you a debt. But now, you tread on ground no other has been on before. Be careful with your implications Lady Ysabel." Suddenly the chaos began to wash away as storm clouds moved in, beginning an oppressive downpour. Lightning striking behind him and sending everything into a dark and light contrast, his red eyes the only visible light.

      "You may come to regret them."


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        Herc grinned as he saw Half-Lord apparently ascend to another higher form of power. "Well NOW you are starting to look like your claims, Half-Lord! But let's see how true they ring still!"

        Herc raised a single hand and the dragon he stood upon was submerged in the magma that now bled up from every arena section as his power raged within him, roiling hard as Herc's power made the magma begin to sublimate into an almost plasma state in it's deepest parts. with his other hand he raised it up and then clenched it hard into a fist, causing mile-long spears of stone erupt from the magma all around Half-Lord's other two monsters, aimed for every possible vital organ each creature had. Either they would die from their injuries, or they would undoubtedly be incapacitated from being impaled repeatedly on the eathen pikes and rendered nonthreatening until they removed them.
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          "I didn't save your life just so you could take others, Aariv." Ysabel told him, narrowing her eyes and staring straight into his'. "Do you know how heavy it is for me to know that I saved a man who murdered countless people and does not think much of it? It's as if I betrayed myself. You think lightly of soft words when so far they have saved your skin a couple of times. I'll tell you this, Aariv, no matter how much power you attain, you will never reach the true power that words beget. Not while you are still like this."


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            "The true power of words..." Aariv would say as magma began to erupt around him.

            "Is an early grave." Zantetsuken disappeared, replaced then with the crescent dragon blade he had used against Half-Lord earlier on in the tournament. The blade coursing in an electric aura.

            "Show me the power of your words, let's see the regret come from them alone." Vines would erupt from the ground, aiming themselves for Ysabel's ankles. Intending to trip her up. Aariv would then stomp on the ground, a large boulder rising from the concrete and dirt that he would then smack with the broadside of his weapon. Coating it in the same electrical aura as it would soar straight for Ysabel.


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              "?!" Ysabel could barely react to the vines Aariv generated and fell to the ground on her face. She would manage to free herself by cutting said vines with her sword, before looking right ahead and saw an electrified boulder heading towards her.

              She simply sighed and brought up the zantetsuken, her zantetsuken as she charged it with lightning, the polarity was inversed and would cut through the boulder, cleaving it in half as she cancelled Aariv's aura. "That's just asking for war, now. But maybe you'll come to your senses if I kick your ass hard enough!" She said as she rose her sword and it was wrapped in some sort of cyclone, before throwing it at Aariv. A tornado surged for him, ravaging everything in its path.


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                And nearly as soon as the tornado formed, Aariv responded by unleashing a torrent of Whitefire into the sky where the tornado funneled. The cold air necessary for the tornado to exist disappearing within seconds as the general temperature in the entirety of the platform raised a couple dozen degrees. Aariv looking through the murky haze.

                "You come to strike at me with imitations. Bring this fight closer, and I'll show you the original."


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                  "Imitation? You mean this sword?" Ysabel asked as she looked at it, "You were the one who forged it to me." She said before she quieted down and glanced at Aariv's zantetsuken. "...In any case, I hope you don't mind if I take a closer look." She said as she slowly began to approach Aariv, ready to counter whatever move he had in mind.


                  • #84
                    "Yes the blade I afforded you, the one you mistakenly refer to as Zantetsuken." Aariv still maintained the crescent dragon blade in his hands, not bringing Zantetsuken out. He was going to show a very valuable lesson in crossing him. Holding the blunt end down to the ground with the blade facing the sky. Aariv motioned his hand to Ysabel. Beckoning her to come forward and attempt to fight him in close quarters.


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                      And Ysabel took up on his invitation as she went for a simple manoeuver; A swing with her sword for Aariv's left side. She then rose a palm against his body and fired off a stream of fire to send him flying away.

                      Aariv could see that she was on a whole different level than in their last encounter- It was all thanks to the Half-Lord empowering her.


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                        As Ysabel came in, full of fire and vigour. Aariv's multiple lives worth of experience and training in the art of war kicked in. Her simple slash attack parried as Aariv used his shaft to redirect her arms and weapon off towards the side as he would then deftly move around towards her back, avoiding her fire as he would go to sweep her legs to get her off her feet, followed by attempting to side kick her towards a nearby building.


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                          "He's good!" Ysabel went as she saw how easily Aariv was able to deflect her blade and elude her stream of flames. However, she reacted to him and with her heightened physical abilities, was able to leap a few inches just before Aariv could sweep her legs. But that wasn't enough as he kicked her with enough strength to send her flying out of this building into a nearby one, where she left a hole in the wall she entered through.

                          "Darn it...He got me," Ysabel went, but she was impressed she came out of this with very light damage. Truly she was on a new level than before. She simply stood up from the debris and awaited what Aariv was going to do next.


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                            Ash saw the battle unfolding right in front of them. Ysabel fighting to stop Aariv. Heh.

                            And they said no good deed was left unpunished.

                            Still, Aariv was powerful, they couldn't take a chance on this. With the vines any clear action may get them killed quickly. Their distractions couldn't work with that mask... Or could they?

                            As Ysabel and Aariv fought, Ash acted in their own subtle way. The rainstorm did not eliminate Chaos from Ash's realm, it still lingered.

                            Small tricks of the light, their posture slightly different from reality, changing trajectories, all small tiny changes, but it was battle were such things were most important, and while Aariv may catch on if it were Ash fighting...

                            Ysabel was no illusionist, no trickster, they were straightforward in every way, they didn't even know Ash was helping them. And that would help turn the tide against Aariv, in their own small way to help from here.

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                              Aariv entered through the hole in the wall that he had just made. Widening the opening even further. Most of the wall crumbling and exposing his back to the outside as magma erupted in a geyser behind him. Beginning to melt the support structure of the building. The sounds of the building creaking and shifting, trying to accommodate the weight of former support structures.

                              As the rain intensified even further, it acted as something of a cooling agent on the magma, though the magma continued to burn hot enough to kill easily, the cold rain caused steam to rise, creating a misty field across the entire platform. Obscuring vision at range. And for the both of Aariv and Ysabel, this mist coupled with the haze made sight untrustworthy. He moved his hand forward as the heavy appliances in the room began to fling themselves at Ysabel.


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                                Ysabel had noticed that the battlefield was becoming some sort of mini-apocalypse. Magma on the floor, with the heavy rain trying to cool it down. This caused smoke to rise up and created a mist that shrouded the area, making it hard to see anything. The knight could not see a few feet in front of her, but she knew that Aariv would. All of this was no more than a mild inconvience for the reborn god.

                                But in this situation, the knight had options. Even if sight was obscured here, it was still in the present. The future, on the other hand, was a different story, no one had the power to shroud the future, mysterious as it is already enough. But those who had the capacity to peek, could clearly see into the darkness. And Ysabel, was one of them.

                                Her eyes glowed red, much like the color of her hair and there she could see the appliances that Aariv threw towards her and slamming into her. Of course, this was only a fleeting vision of what was going to happen in the next few seconds. Ysabel could see Aariv's move and as a counter measure, extended her blade, spun like a cyclone and cut all the appliances that came near her; a feat that would be nigh impossible prior to her empowering.

                                The current of wind that resulted of her causing the movement would dissipate the mist and now she could see Aariv plainly. Her blade glowed as she swung it towards the mass murderer and a bright crescent shaped attack headed for him. It was a new attribute that Ysabel could use; None other than the vanquisher of the shadows; Light itself.