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Tournament Finale: Free For All

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  • Tournament Finale: Free For All


    All of the previous fights have lead every fighter to here. A ruined platform raised in the middle of The Void. Along the ground are the ever so slightly decayed corpses of several past contestants. Nox and Faeris lie next to each other, the hand of Chaos remains gripped around his hellish blade plunged deep in the center of the platform, separated from the rest of his body. Death Gun's estoc and sniper rifle lie next to a pillar.

    All six fighters find themselves on seperate ends of the platform, their pieces of the artifact ripping themselves from their grip and forming loosely above the platform, circling each other like dancers. With the pieces assembled, it's made clear that this is the final stage of this tournament.

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    Ash saw this. It wasn't an arena they would have preferred, but at least it wasn't the last place they were at. They looked around, four other contestants... Probably a fifth behind that sword at the middle.

    And yet throughout all this, they looked, they saw Shigo, and rather than attacking, they holstered their pistol, and looked upon the items ripped away from them. The artifacts circled around each other like trophies, dancers even. And eventually a question occured to them.

    "What was the point of all this?" They said, aloud, to the others. No reason to play coy they all knew what they were here for. And yet... "We could have had this match from the beginning for all the meaning it had in the end. So why this? What was the point?"

    What was the point indeed.

    Ash had an answer, one that gave them a strong contempt.

    "These organizers hold treasures before our eyes and make us fight for their entertainment..." A spit against the ground, Ash was nothing if not defiant.

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      "We're not the first. These are the terms they set for their artifacts. Absolute victory and nothing less." Aariv says into the void as he materializes.

      "Even if we were to stage a protest, look no further than the Inquisitor and his opponent, stripped of life by the worms next to one another. Either one remains standing, or the others submit and admit defeat. This is the way these tournaments have always been held, as it's been recorded by those that have returned." Aariv's hair remained windswept as the environment seemed naturally called to him, his heritage bonding him closely, though he seemed to pay it little mind. Above the platform began to form railways leading to the center, where every rail formed a crossing.

      Where Herc stood formed a mass of mountainous area, with plunging depths leading to magma.

      Where Ash stood formed a collection of buildings of varying heights, all pulsing with the touch of chaos, formations of chaos and its sigils glowing brightly.

      Where Half-Lord stood turned into absolute darkness and blinding light, twisting and rotating around each other like a yin and yang symbol.

      Where Shigo stood, a ravine formed, with a formation of rock rising behind him, then making a waterfall that flowed towards the blade of Chaos.

      Where Ysabel stood, a homely setting morphed into existence. A living room furnished with the best a non war-torn world in her age could offer. And a strange candle burning that seems to flow with an essence that soothes the mind and soul through its aroma.

      And where Aariv stood, remained unchanged. Remaining as void of life other than the red and blue hues. His eyes no longer trying to find where Ash's voice called, but instead towards where Herc currently stood, far out but within eyesight.

      "I, for one, seek to see which one stands last." He would say as he'd leap into the air, grabbing a hold of the rail above him as it took him over towards Herc's pocket of the platform.


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        "The Hosts have never been kind. But they follow a code of rules. We don't have to like it. Because we certainly cannot stop it. Not even when I was God of Reality was I empowered enough to even inconvenience them."

        Herc looked to Ash. "I did what I could. And it was never enough. I could break gods over my knee for the fun of it, but the Hosts were never so weak. There is ALWAYS a higher power. Never forget that."

        Herc looked to Aariv, the earth beneath Herc's feet rumbling as his Leyic Energy surged through Herc's commanding presence. Herc waited for Aariv to approach, not striking out yet. But already he had shifted, prepared for a fight.

        Once Aariv had landed, Herc was already standing with a half-guard up, that old bitter smile on his lips again. "Once again, we face off. But you seem more focused now. You have taken Odin's title in full, haven't you?"
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          Aariv landed in front of Herc several dozen feet away. Placing himself on level ground. Zantetsuken was not drawn, his face mask not on. Already, Herc had anticipated what was to come. Having shifted already in preparation and yet he didn't attack immediately. Strange, that was of no doubt. Aariv looked at Herc with a similar expression that he had given Half-Lord. Dulled and almost drifting, though there was the slightest bit of a scowl in the corner of his mouth. His green eyes looking down on Herc with a hatred kept in check only by the thinnest of threads.

          But even he had to close his eyes and smirk slightly as Herc recognized what had happened. It was only Ysabel and himself that knew of what had happened. But to be recognized by someone that you view as a mortal enemy. Something about that...

          Felt great.

          When Aariv opened his eyes again, gone was the green pupils, replaced instead with two blank white eyes that exuded a white glow.



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            "I was not made God of Reality by dint of bloodline, despite what many may say. And for all that I seem a fool compared to others, I am far from stupid. Foolish, yes. Naive? Perhaps even so. But not stupid."

            Herc stayed where he was, watching Aariv, now the Odin of this cycle. The smile on Herc's lips became less bitter, a small warmth fitting in the grin now. "It seems the cycle of Leonheart against Keido must continue on a while longer still. Such is fate, as it is currently at any rate."

            Herc looked into Aariv's glowing eyes, his own focused, but studious nonetheless.

            "Despite everything between us, the shit we have both done in the name of what was right......I am proud you have taken the mantle. I was always worried it would overtake you. But it is true, as Rain's son you embody aspects of him. Just as Benhail is his endless strength, you are his unending ambition. And if you will forgive the bitterness I may end bringing up in saying this......I think he would be proud of you."

            Herc was prepared for any number of reactions. Aariv was not known to be emotional about his family, not in the same way as Rain was. But that was before the mantle of Odin rested upon him. Herc wasn't exactly sure what the response may be now.
            A Shadow is merely Darkness in the presence of Light

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              The response Herc got was one that might even surprise him. Instead of responding verbally, or even physically. Aariv responded with silence. Staring at Herc with an ever softening glare. A minute went by, and Aariv remained right where he was, only then did he make any response. One devoid of any bit of sarcasm.

              "That means a lot, coming from you."


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                Herc nodded back, settling more firmly into his defensive posture.

                "Well with that out of the way........shall we?"

                Herc smiled grimly, before he suddenly dashed forward, his legs not needing to move as he simply willed a shard of land he was standing on to glide at high speed towards Aariv, before leaping into a mighty superman punch, roaring as he put every ounce of effort he could into the blow. Aariv would be insulted at anything less than his best and Herc respected the Leonheart too much to take him so easily after everything Aariv had accomplished.
                A Shadow is merely Darkness in the presence of Light

                Thanks Kid Buu for this awesome sig!

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                  The one formerly known as the Half-Lord, Abnar, had arrived, with his brother Itzal and his ever-faithful mustang Shade by his side. They had been having a conversation since Abnar's previous match.

                  "And you say you weren't instructed as I was?" - asked Abnar.

                  "I didn't listen to the Universe telling me I was its herald as you did, only images filled my mind. You were given the knowledge, I, the experience. Like you, I felt the power coursing through my body, and though I know how to use it I've yet to be in battle. Your negative thoughts imprisoned me for far too long, all I could do was watch your every step." - answered Itzal.

                  "You're with me, that's all that matters, but this tournament feels pointless now, I have what I came for." - said Abnar, as he saw Aariv and Herc's battle begin.

                  "You do? Did you ever really know what you sought?" - joked Itzal.

                  "Don't toy with me, brother. No riddles, you were always too good with those." - jokingly said Abnar.

                  "This isn't my competition, Abnar. Now that we've been separated and no light holds you back, you're free to unleash your full potential on them." - said Itzal, looking at what once Abnar's only glimpse of humanity, his human arm, now as dark and gloomy as the rest of him.

                  "True... but where's the fun in that?" - said Abnar.

                  "I trust you will be victorious, brother." - cheered Itzal.

                  "Some of these creatures aren't particularly pleasant, but I owe your return to each and every single one of them. I'll be polite and just wait for conflict to arrive." - Abnar decided to sit, cross his arms and rest on one of the arena's pillars. Shade decided to sit by, doing the same.

                  Always the lazy one... - thought Itzal.


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                    Ysabel, all of a sudden, had found herself standing in what looked like to be a room. It wasn't anything particularly impressive, but it radiated an atmosphere of peace and quietude. Except in this very situation, it was everything except peaceful for all of the fighters that the lady of steel met in this wicked competition had gathered her, presumably to finish things once and for all.

                    Her fragment of the orb levitated into a platform, alongside the other shards to from the whole orb, this confirmed her doubts that this was the battle to end all battles. She had looked and saw Aariv and Herc fighting, like the eternal rivals they were. She was confused as to why they fought, unaware of their rivalry. She was determined to break their fight, but before that, she had to deal with something first.

                    Ysabel looked left and right, and saw the two beings she detested the most here. None other than Ash and the Half-Lord. "I will not let the orb go in either's hand, I swear. Even if it's the last thing I'll ever do." She spoke as she raised her new blade she received from Aariv, The Zantetsuken.

                    A mix of flames and sparks formed, swirling around the sword before they split and shot out. A bolt of lightning towards the Half-Lord, as if Zeus himself was punishing him. While a stream of fire towards Ash, flames that burned as hot as those of hell that the damned were subjected to.


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                      Ash saw the fire coming at them... Ash had tried to be merciful the first time, not just towards Ysabel but the folks here... But Shigo was off in his own section of this arena... And Ysabel had proven too dangerous beforehand, they especially didn't like the look of that sword...

                      Really everyone seemed to have changed significantly since Ash had seen them. Ash had to show their own strength here, or be crushed underfoot.

                      "Fine... Have it that way." Ash said, as their eyes almost began to pulsate with eldritch power. The fires as hot as hell...

                      Seemed to engulf Ash, breaking through the psychic barrier...

                      And yet, several seconds later as the flames scorched the buildings, another fire storm appeared, not like that Ysabel had wielded. This fire was blue and white, purple and green, shifting into all manners of colors the rainbow had on offer, never always being a jumbled mess of several colors... This was a storm of change. The powers of Tzeentch made manifest, not simply burning but mutating everything it touched, changing it into different materials, granting different organs, the many changes it brought, while often only disfiguring on their own, quickly built up together to easily kill a person underneath constant mutation and transmutation of all they were. And above of it, performing their own chants, one could see them, flying above the ground, having temporarily turned invisible, using an illusion to draw the eye while they made their escape.

                      If Ysabel was going to use the fires of hell, then so would Ash.

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                        "What the hell is that?!" Ysabel said, upon witnessing Ash's newfound power. They weren't good in the slightest. Sure, Ash wasn't a human to start with, but they had never been this monstrous before, from the last time the knight remembered.

                        "Where is it?" Ysabel wondered as she looked around, before seeing a figure fly high up into the air with immense speed, a winged silhouette, it had to be Ash, no doubt. Ysabel swore to not let them go as she brought her bow that had been underneath her cape, alongside an arrow from her quiver. She then shot the arrows at who she thought to be Ash, infusing them with elemental magic; In this case, lightning. They were also flying far faster than normal arrows were as they had been pushed by a burst of wind that the red-haired dame generated.

                        She was by no means the best archer, but she was at the very least, good enough.


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                          Itzal stepped in front of the lightning bolt, absorbing the beam of light and protecting his brother.

                          "You are aware I could've dodged that, yes?" - asked a calm Abnar.

                          "And yet you knew I would've blocked it for you?" - added Itzal.

                          "Of course. I might be unable to read your mind, but you're still my brother and I know you best." - said Abnar, cheekily.

                          "As your older brother it was once my duty to protect you at all costs, but we now wield cosmic powers and you've become quite capable, to put it mildly. I don't have any authority over you anymore but keeping your promise, conflict has arrived and it's calling you." - having said this, Itzal stepped aside as Abnar got up and began walking towards Ysabel, unseathing his sword all the while, and speaking, something he had not done with her.

                          "Ah yes, the fire-wielding warrior woman. I could've sworn I trapped you in a void within me, but I suppose that confirms the theory of time and space being like a river, separating itself into others like it, but each slightly different. Who knows, but I'm curious, if this is true that would imply you managed to beat me. Congratulations, little girl, but I'm far more powerful than I was before, and funnily enough, I have you to thank for that."

                          With that last sentence, Abnar pointed his sword at Ysabel, summoning a large black snake forged in darkness which extended and lunged at the warrior woman with great speed and ferocity.


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                            Ash reacted quickly, the lightning arrows came at them, putting forward a psychic current, they redirected the direction the arrows had headed. Putting forward their hands, they quickly made a motion, as if jerking something towards them, and Isabel would see their arrows, going even faster, but less controlled, caught up in winds conjured by the warp. They would speed close, almost but not actually hitting the winged magi, instead going back, heading down to something beneath Ash.

                            That is to say, Half-Lord's snake would soon be struck with arrows as swift and uncontrolled as lightning itself.

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                              Needless to say, Ysabel had expected those arrows would be for naught against Ash, the winged being was easily able to dispatch of the arrows, using the same trick Ysabel did and that was to manipulate the wind itself. It seemed like everything Ysabel could do; Ash did better. But this wasn't a reason to give up.

                              She looked at the arrows and wondered why Ash didn't deflect it back at the knight. But soon she knew why as she saw a massive snake heading towards her, courtesy of Abnar Pike, the Half-Lord. She raised her sword, pulled it back behind her. As soon as the snake came towards her, she would roll out to its side then ram her sword to its body. She was going to use its size to her advantage.