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Round 5: Ash vs Herc Keido

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    Herc looked to Ash. "What am I? Herc Keido, nothing more. Whatever else people may claim I am, I am simply Herc Keido."

    Malal laughed harshly at the comment. "What ELSE though? You are the son of Daemon Keido, the man who sought to shatter Ash's rebellion where it began."

    Herc turned to Malal once again. "Did he though? If that was what he was ordered or meant to do, why does Ash's rebellion still exist? All of us know what my father can do if he wanted to. Ash saw for themself what the Horseman within my father can do with just a single gesture. If Ash was TRULY meant to be removed to ensure the status quo, why does Ash stand here now?"

    Herc turned to Ash once more. "My father didn't go there to hunt you. He went to 40K to understand what had happened when Cadia fell. If he hunted you, it was merely because he knew that Chaos was dangerous. And as a human-looking entity in 40K, he was obligated to blend in. You know we aren't humans, we were NEVER humans. If the Imperium truly knew what we were, what would they do to us?"

    Herc smiled sadly. "I don't blame you for your choices. I understand them. I have had this thing," he said, pointing to Malal, "inside my head for three hundred years, a memory that has not come to pass, promising me more power than even I had as God of Reality if I but say yes to it. I understand why you made your choice. But I can tell you are not the same as him. As did my father. Sometimes, we must wear the shroud of the villain to do a hero's work. You were needed to survive for The Balance to continue. That doesn't mean you are trapped by fate. It means you are important to existence being allowed to continue. As was the Space Marine that hunted you with my father. He has his own part to play."

    Malal scratched across the shield leisurely again, always testing Herc's limits even now. But Herc's focus was absolute. Even here, where Malal's influence would be strongest, Herc would not budge. "You may see The Balance as a status quo, one that should be upset. Perhaps you are correct in many ways. But THIS thing is one of the dangers of choosing your path. If you upset the status quo, it won't just be you who determines how things change. That is why Equilibrium exists. We cannot do it alone, and we shouldn't. We are all flawed, and so our single visions are too. Would you not agree, Ash?"
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      Their eyes flickered at Malal again, and back to Herc. The opened their mouth in this mindscape, filled with circulating memories. What hey saw was confusing, frightening, and as he made his offer.

      "Go to hell" A roar erupted as the memories began to fall away, their memories disappearing from Herc's mind and vice versa, becoming little more than knowledge gained during this encounter. "Don't give me that shit while you hunt down my allies and betray those you call friend!" The world gave way to blackness at a sudden speed, almost giving whiplash back into reality.

      And they were back, with the announcers puzzled, the crowd booing them as they slept for several minutes now in approximately the same position, only to be interrupted as an explosion of psychic power caused the lights and screens in the entire building to crack and shatter, and the power to shut down.

      Ash awoke with a headache from pulling out the way they did, with such suddenness and hostility, pulling on the tendons of their minds. They looked at Herc...

      And faded away, their psychic powers making the psyker both invisible and intangible as they fled the scene, the announcers, about to report that Ash was nowhere to be found and had fled the match, found it impossible to, drowned out by the sudden uproar of a very confused crowd, and left without their microphones operational.

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        As Herc rose from the mat, Ash's final words echoed in his mind. Their allies were simple enough to understand, it was reasonable to assume Ash had left 40K with people allied with them. But betraying those HE specifically called friend........that seemed an odd choice of words.

        but then he remembered Aariv asking him if Ash was part of Equilibrium. Ash obviously wasn't. But apparently acted as if they were. By the asking, Aariv was making it clear he was not allied with Ash either. So Ash apparently joined an alliance with someone Ash believes Herc betrayed that acts like Equilibrium.

        And while Herc was not as educated as Marcus, he was far from foolish.

        "....Shit. Did he survive somehow after all? Abbey never did say he was confirmed dead......."

        Herc reached for his Omni-Device, sending a quick message back to Equilibrium in text format. It was labeled High Priority so his family and Faeris would be the automatic recepients of the message.

        Investigate recent concluded casefiles that appeared completed by unknown or unreported Equilibrium activity. Kaishi may be alive, and I may have interacted with one of his allies. RE: 40K file, Subject Ash.
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          Match Ended: Voting Has Begun.


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            This fight is...certainly unique. What went from a "simple" wrestling match to a delve in the thoughts of both characters, which I say, was an excellent and enjoyable scene. I was going to give it to Ash since they seemed more of the underdog and I love those kind of characters but in the end Herc's memories made me switch the vote to him, his speech was very moving. It was also refreshing to see that Ash themselves weren't moved by it rather than the usual alternative.

            It was extremely close, Great battle you two.

            Herc Keido/Daemon Keido: 1
            Ash/Tinny: 0


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              Loved it! Started off super campy and weird with the WWE announcer stuff and I loved it haha. Very strange though. However, when things got really deep I thoroughly enjoyed the narrative change it provided and the strange resolution it provided along with an interesting story segway.

              I could go on for paragraphs about who went what way and when in this one as it honestly was pretty close and I flip-flopped back and forth every few posts, but, Tinny narrowly takes this for me. The story of the Little Rat becoming Ash was well written and the entire direction Tinny took into making the story from a 1v1 brawl in a WWE ring into a really deep character exploration was a bold and decisive move imo, and executed well. Jesse did not have a bad performance whatsoever and I liked Malal's menacing role however, it was quite close.

              Tinny: 1
              Jesse: 1
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                Also close for me, both very well-written as said above but even though I'm as big a noob as you can get when it comes to wrestling, and despite that both Tinny and Ash were the underdogs here, since they were out of their element, in general enjoyment I have to commend Dae since he's more familiar with wrestling and its tropes, and the overall environment, he's been a fan for several years and it shows. Just a personal thing as I feel writing-wise they were roughly even, the edge goes to Dae who I feel had more fun writing this.

                Tinny/Ash: 1

                Dae/Herc: 2