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Round 5: Ash vs Herc Keido

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  • Round 5: Ash vs Herc Keido

    Location: Wrestlemania X8. Following the main event, the crowd of 68,000 are treated to an encore match by two otherworldly looking wrestlers.

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    Herc walked around Gorilla Position for a while, waiting for the preamble to make his entrance. He had appeared in a portal backstage deep in the weeds where the stacks were, and his natural body type made him easily able to blend in, as he was built exact as a pro-wrestler should be for the time period. It also helped his outfit was generally also accepted. He swapped out his combat boots for some more fitting wrestler boots.

    Beyond that he fit right in. Indeed, the commetary tables had already been given notes to talk on this new match coming up. It was as they spoke his music hit, and he walked out to the crowd of thousands.

    "And tonight we have a surprise exhibition match, between two WWE rookies! These two have been in a series of brawls with others, but now it's time for THEIR slobberknocker. First off we have a former God of Reality, and founding member of the Equilibrium. They've been running things for awhile now and have done a good job of keeping the worst of the worst from getting their way!" Jim Ross' rumbling texan accent clearly cut over the music to Herc's ears, but then he had enhanced senses. Of course that didn't mean The King, Jerry Lawler didn't have his own opinion."

    "Yeah right! Herc and his family are just a punch of nepotists using their influence to hold back the better guys in the back! I mean come on, Abbey has been break backs since she came up with them, you can't say she's in the right!"

    Jim fired back as Herc finally got to the ring proper. "That back breaking was on someone demanding the corpses of an entire world, you can't POSSIBLY say they deserved that threat!"

    Herc rolled his eyes, smirking to himself. Classic Jim and Jerry.
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      Ash had fought in the depth of the most rancid factories.
      They had traveled across deserts, walked amongst the lunar surfaces. They have participated in battles that decided the fate of cities, even planets.
      They travelled though the warp, an unspeakably dangerous place where the subconscious mind became reality.

      Herisophine however, had never seen Ash as uselessly panicked as they were now, staring in front of a mirror, one eye red, though it had ceased to bleed, at least the blackness of the eye did a good job to hide the fact that it had been bleeding not very long ago. "What the hell are they asking me!?" They asked, their voice peaking in frustration. "Ash, you've fought in crowded places." "Not into the middle of a damn arena with everyone watching my every move!" They said, taking their hands and frantically scratching their head, messing up their hair in the process as it went in every direction.

      Ash's chief weapon was subterfuge, going up to a crowd in a ring to fight someone with a full entrance for both was as far away from that as one could conceivably get. This was a match starting with suicide! They felt like they were gonna die. This was it, they go out, get mobbed, that's the end of it.

      Calm down Ash. Calm down. They're explicitly here to watch. They may be mere meters away and and that stage is a horrible place to be in tactically, the only path easily able to get overrun by the massive crowds but...

      Stop thinking Ash. For the love of Tzeentch stop thinking. The deafening roar of the crowd was heard. It was time to get into position. They couldn't put it off any longer. Herisophine put their clawed hand onto Ash's shoulder. They finally began to relax. A deep sigh emerged from the cultist. God, being hype-up from their own summoned daemon. Ash felt pathetic.

      "Fine... They want a circus, I'll give them a fucking circus" They could hear that song playing for Herc...

      Ash began to walk, they had changed their clothing for this. A tunic wouldn't get people excited... But they had spotted a few things that made it here. Ash couldn't quite feel the power emanating from this jacket the way most symbols did... Didn't the symbols of Chaos have power? Ash would need to bring this back later.

      All the same, when Ash left, they wore no shirt, simply a leather jacket emblazoned with the a white star of Chaos, they wore tattered jeans that barely reached their wrestler boots. Ash knew broadly what they were gonna say.

      "Aaaaand the next new comer, a radical religious terrorist, they've got a body count a mile long! A cruel despicable fiend, they've driven towns into riots that eat up entire countries! I don't know if this thing's even human! You ever see it walking aro-"

      Ash silently thanked the entrance ramp as it emblazoned with steam. Ash couldn't hear a thing... Fine, they want to treat them like a monster.

      Ash is more than capable of playing the part.

      The lights went out, the crowd grew silent as music began to play, Witchcraft of Tzeentch aiding them as they disappeared into thin air.

      More steam vents blew out, two by two going forward until reaching the midway of the arena, an almost siren-like theme blaring out until...

      An explosion of flames came forward, ereupting from the panels inside the ramp, and in front of it all was Ash, staring Herc did in the eye. Their jacket, emblazoned with Chaos' star displayed alongside black wings like a crow, their bird like feet moving across the ramp, as light began to return. But it was not a bright calming light nor the blue mysterious light, it was a deep blood red, moving forward with a sway and a lurch.

      Ash starred at Herc. Keido. Taking a jump, and spreading their wings, they leapt into the arena with a loud thud, and the wind billowing out from the wings reached almost halfway across the stadium. It was no illusion, this was Ash's true form, black eyes looking at Herc, the only white in their eyes being the star of Chaos, the black almost mirroring Herc in it's reflection.

      They took a stance. They knew to win, either Herc needed to tap out (without mental domination that was unlikely), or have his shoulders pinned on the count to three. The audience seemed almost spooked by this tattered warrior appearing, black wings of death intimidating the referee.

      Ash for their part could barely even keep in mind the voices of anyone, it all fading into the back like background noise in a battlefield.

      The rest saw a monster coming out from almost nothing.

      Ash imagined the crowds and commentators as potatoes. Potatoes that won't immediately converge on Ash the minute they see a Chaos practitioner fighting a member of Equilibrium.

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        Herc smirked as he circled Ash, nodding. "Ah yes, Ash. I should have guessed the descriptions by Aariv and Ysabel meant you. I'm not surprised to see you. I just wonder whose goals you further currently....."

        Herc eventually got back in front of Ash, raising his hands as he spoke. It was meant to fire up the audience as well as taunt Ash into action. "Well, you finally get to face against a Keido again, Ash. What are you waiting for?"

        "King, these two have had their paths never quite meet until today but for far longer than anybody cares to record they have had effects on each other, from Herc's father Daemon coming down to Ash's rebellion and upsetting their initial plans to rise above the Imperium to Ash' joining Libra and causing chaos among Equilibrium's field operations. This fight was building for awhile now, and in this ring, in this arena we will finally see it come to the head it so richly deserves!"

        "You got that right Jim, and frankly I can't wait for Ash to get the vengeance they so richly deserve!"

        "Now hang on that King...." As the commentators devolved into personal arguments, the two in the ring undoubtedly became to get more aggressive.
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          "...I'll make this quick." Ash simply said, unheard above the low rumble of the crowd, but Herc's own ears may still pick up on it. Their eyes, the stars of Chaos beginning to almost quake as Ash acted. Herc may in fact find themselves incapable of moving entirely, as Ash slowly walked forward.

          "Uh... Herc? King I don't believe it! It's like Herc's frozen as Ash makes their way to their right!" "It's not like he's frozen, look at the titantron Jim!" And amongst the titantron, a large screen showing the crowd here what the folks at home saw, would be showing Ash's psychic power coiling around Herc, leaving only a small bit on their neck. More eagle eyed observers may even see the hair pressed in as the force field created by Ash's psychic power was pressed against Herc's body.

          Soon however it was apparent what Ash's plan was, as a long blade of psychic energy began to emerge from their fingers, taking the shape of an executioners axe.

          Ash had done something similar to Daemon Keido, but there a space marine had been there to stop them. Now Herc was alone.

          "The folks signed up for a wrestling match, but this may just be the first American televised execution since World War 2!" King said as Ash's axe raised high in the air, ready to come down with all the added force Ash's mind and body could muster, right down to separate his head from his shoulders.

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            Herc's eyes twitched as he tested his strength against the telekinetic control of Ash, straining his mighty form against his invisible bonds and finding no real purchase to rip free from. when he saw the axe form, he closed his eyes for a moment. It almost seemed like he had given up, but as the axe swung in, his eyes snapped open again, and a dust that glittered in the spotlights of the ring settled around his neck. The axe fell short of its mark, its edge blunted severely. Herc's lips curled into a smirk with effort, his voice strained and slowed by Ash's control.

            "My powers aren't dependant on body movement, you know......And even if they were, one of our most trusted field agents is also a Psyker. I know how to fight from the confines of a telekinetic's grip......"

            Herc slowly shifted, slowed more than usual by Ash's telekinetic grip, his muscles bulging and straining against the invisible force. Soon Ash would get a true measure ln the physical strength of a Keido, as Herc soon enough found the strength to move even under Ash's grip.

            "This is incredible, King! Herc Keido has not only transformed into his Lycan state, he has found the strength to move even despite Ash's psychic powers!"

            "Come on JR, this has to be against the rules!"

            "Not sure it would be even in a regular match King but this is a Hardcore match and anything goes in a Hardcore match!"
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              Face to face with a lycan right there, the weapon formed from Ash's psychic might had faded. The plan had been to kill him in one attack, quickly. That was no longer an option...They had to weaken him. The psyker gritted their teeth, and released their hold entirely, letting the weapon fade as well as the bonds, already failing to control him. Instead they moved on to manipulating time. He may have known psykers, but that psyker was not Ash.

              Ash took to warp time, their body moving several times faster than they normally could in a regular time frame, this would hopefully give them the edge needed to stay in close quarters, their fingers had almost begun to light with flame... But the roar of the crowd, as little attention as Ash could afford to pay them, they were still there. The flames disappeared, never going beyond Ash's palm, instead Ash made swift took out their knife in a reverse grip. Along with this increased speed they began to use their eyes to see the future, very short term, in starts and stops, just enough to know what Herc was going to do and prepare, mentally if not physically, to dodge. Finally, a series of illusions, on Herc's senses, not so extreme that one could easily parse it, it was more subtle. Perhaps Ash appears to move a bit slower than they are, perhaps their stance is shifted to the left when it's actually shifting right, a subtle change in the trajectory of Ash's attacks or the smell of their blade. Small details that all should combine together to allow Ash to dodge his attacks, slightly off target, already known, and to Ash's eyes, slower.

              And with each dodge, Ash would counter attack, a claw there, a knife here, aiming for veins upon that lycan body, and if possible, even going for a strike above the eyes if possible, for even if Herc could regenerate, blood in the eyes did a lot to hamper one's concentration, Ash would know, having experienced it not too long ago themself.

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                Herc felt his body move under his own power without Ash's restriction and readied himself. Ash was no doubt planning an new form of attack. And with Ash's sudden extra speed, relative to Herc's own, he had an idea what it was.

                Herc knew his family's history, and Ash did as well. his healing factor was obviously known between them. So Ash preparing to cut Herc apart to weaken Herc beyond his healing capability. Herc knew that.

                Of course, knowing and being able to prevent are two different things. Simply put, Herc wasn't the fastest of his family. He was still faster than most, but only Aethan could truly keep up with a Psyker using their powers to speed up as much as Ash was currently doing. Herc simply couldn't really get a good hit on Ash, being pushed all the way back to the corner turnbuckles. Herc grinned at Ash, his fur matted down by how bloody he now was, chuckling as his cuts and gashes healed even as Ash worked him over. "Really, you know you aren't doing much. May as well cut steel with a butter knife for all the advantage you earned now."
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                  As Ash maneuvered, they had an idea of their speed... With the amount the had, they seemed to draw back the knife... But their psychic energy, using the blade as a conductor, shot forward, a blade on another blade, aimed right above Herc's eyes, with a hard swipe, the psychic blade would hopefully tear through the head, not deep enough to slice clean through, but enough to pierce the skin, and draw blood. The blood from then is either constantly wiped or dripping into the eyes. If it worked, Ash would get straight to work, jumping back from the blood pooling around him, as the blood from the head wound, though unlikely to be lethal, would almost certainly help to blind the lycan.

                  From there, Ash's hands would clap together, before coming apart to reveal warp lightning, shooting forth from where the hands met, with an incredible amount of power and voltage at it, hitting the blood, jumping from small puddle to puddle onto Herc's wet fur itself, and from there deliver a powerful shock against him. Ash doubted it'd stop his heart... But they'd be lying if that wouldn't be the intention. "My god! I think Ash is actually trying to kill him!" "I know JR and it's a thing of beauty!" "Where's your heart you sick son of a bitch!?"

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                    Herc was able to dodge most of the blades slashes this time. Though Ash was faster, Ash was also predictable. Herc knew now he was just being bled by their blades to make his ability to keep an eye on them harder. Of course by now a decent sized pool of blood had already soaked into the canvas of the mat, a fact that Herc was not focused on as his hands came low, fingers stretched out as he felt for the closest source of earth he could using the Ley. It was in that moment that he felt the electric charge course in the air as his fur stood on end, and could taste the coppery taste of ozone on his tongue right before the warp lightning struck him, making him roar out in pain even as his body jerked and shook from the pain. Once the charge was over he dropped to his knees, head drooped forward as his breathing became so much more shallow. Indeed, it was hard to tell he was breathing at all.

                    "AS GOD AS MY WITNESS ASH JUST KILLED A MAN IN THIS RING!!!!" Jim Ross' voice was clearly heard even as far from the commentator's table as they were.

                    For a good long moment, Herc was utterly still. his shoulders didn't move, his gut wasn't shifting from any apparent breathing. Indeed, it looked like Ash had killed him.

                    And then a pillar of concrete made to slam into Ash's back, followed by a pointed pillar seeking to drive into their ribs. Herc's head rose slowly, and while his face was still curled in a grin, eyes alight with energy, it was a cold smile now. A predator's grin. "My brother throws bolts of lightning to shame gods of the storms. That hurt, alot. but unless you are willing to REALLY kill me, I'd say Tzeentch fucked you over on power. You will never break me. You can make me bleed but my body was never my weakness. I AM the Strongest Keido. Not even my father can match me in physical strength, nor in constitution. You? A Chaos Psyker? You will NEVER match the neccessary power to finish me. You couldn't even use your telepathy to hold me down. You are NOTHING to me!"

                    Herc rose with sudden speed, clearing the distance between them so fast only the fastest reactions would see every motion and who can say that would be enough to stop him? His hand reached out to grab Ash by the throat, beginning to raise them up before roaring with power and exertion into a hellacious chokeslam all the way THROUGH the ring, seeking to splinter the thick wooden boards beneath the canvas.
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                      Ash looked, staring for a moment. Breathing. They began to straighten up their jacket... Ash had to wonder what the Keidos were going to think after this... Well, if there was one thing Ash could do as a Tze-

                      Raw rolling pain in Ash's back as concrete slammed into their back, flung into the air. Another pillar came up, pointed, and with high velocity it came to stab Ash in the ribs, almost did. Ash phased through it rather, the pillar passing through Ash, Ash could almost imagine the bloodstains on it as Ash fell, graceless, like a bird shot by a hunter.

                      The wind had been knocked from Ash's chest, as they spent several seconds trying to get the oxygen back into their lungs. Unsteadily they stood, and looked at Herc closing in. Boastful as he was... Even mocking Ash about their going about it. Herc had the best arena he could hope for... Ash couldn't flood it in Chaos fire like in the open air. Ash couldn't shoot or throw doom bolts for fear they'd hit the audience. Ash couldn't tear the stadium down around them. Ash couldn't even fly away.

                      Not unless Ash was willing to threaten them... And such an option looked very appealing at this moment, as Ash could barely stand, with Herc only a few feet away.

                      Ash hadn't had their warp time activated, they were too busy trying to stand for that, so when Herc closed, there was naught Ash could do but prepare for the pain, the neck grasped, and their body slammed through the ring. They felt the wood splintering beneath their back, and at the end...

                      Ash wasn't certain if Herc was just staying there or if their perception of time was off... They could barely hear the dull roar of the crowd.

                      Blood on Herc's coat. This time ash's blood, as they coughed, more blood trailing from their mouth.

                      "Nothing..." Ash repeated, a glint in their eye. Their body might be barely able to move, but the fight was still in their eyes. Telepathy he said... Fine... Herc heard the next words in his head.
                      I don't need power.

                      A telepathic attack. Ash wasn't going to hold back, their mind and soul attacked Herc's. Herc may be more powerful, but Ash's strength was never in their body.

                      In their life as a slave they were scrawny. They were weaker than the enforcers who beat down disobedient slaves.

                      Weaker than the inquisitors who hunted down all chaos.

                      Weaker than the Astartes who came from the heavens to end their liberation.

                      Ash was always nothing, a discarded slave in the forgotten bowels of the world. Always slammed down by the forces who thought themselves arbiters of holy and demonic. First the Imperium, now a Keido.

                      The Chaos star, the only white in their eye, began to turn red, not from power, but blood again, their wound reopening as Ash might an attack on their mind, deep into their soul.

                      Ash finally lost contact with the outside world, they were in Herc's soul now, and Herc in theirs.

                      When Ash opened eyes that had not closed, they would see inside them the earliest memories and soul of Herc.

                      And Herc may yet see Ash's own soul, though he may not recognize it as such yet. In Ash's childhood they did not have the name of Ash.

                      Their name was Little Rat. Their own eyes not so different from how they were now, in that they were still black, now much more closely reminiscent of a rat without the sigil of Chaos.
                      And yet they were entirely different, the defiance and confidence nowhere to be found. In it's place a nervousness and fear.

                      But they loved their mother, the one who had raised them. But such time for that was precious little, forced to work from birth, they had helped to maintain machines from the inside, their own small stature working well to accommodate the working gears. Well, as long as they didn't get caught. Memories of cleaning the inside of blood and viscera from the less agile or less fortunate. Little Rat learned many things. How to make themselves unnoticeable for example. Looking down, speaking softly, quickly obeying. The less time spent in their presence the better, for Little Rat was ultimately a mutant.

                      Much in contrast to Herc's own upbringing among the pack, he may notice something. The sky. Little Rat never knew of it. Never once venturing out of what seemed like a single gargantuan factory building. Machine omnipresent with a nary a plant to be seen. Rations constructed from grey blocks made of a substance that Little Rat only knew as food, never anything deeper or more knowable, only that it came from outside, to those who worked. Days, cycles really, Little Rat never knew the rotation of the sun, only the dim lights struggling to be seen above the smoke and smog.

                      Not uniformly terrible, as a child, Little Rat could play with other kids. Sometimes they games were as simple as chasing each other. Sometimes it was fun, other times it was cruel. Little Rat hated the games of pretend, the xeno or mutant always lost, and Little Rat was a mutant, however 'minor'. They loved heir mother, often trying to stay awake long enough to see them come back from their responsibilities. When their mother was younger they had energy to sing to them, or tell them stories of... Elsewhere. Little Rat always wondered what such a place was like to be in. Of nomadic existences, of places were there was no ceiling, and what always captured their imagination was the clear air. Where people did not disappear into smoke if they got too far, merely growing smaller until they were dots in the vision.

                      Such stories grew rarer as she got older. Less able. She was among the weaker ones, but it really came into sharper focus as they got old, and her hair started to gray. Until one day Little Rat came to see their mother, having grown old enough to help her. An accident. Their mother crushed under this massive machine. Nothing more than a smear of blood across the floor.


                      It was life. Giving everything to them, she worked as much as she could to give enough for both to eat. A better worker than most despite their weak body.

                      Nothing in the end.

                      Though Little Rat had not yet taken their new name, it was here the change began. Why. Why. Why.

                      What did she do to deserve this.


                      A rage beginning to boil.

                      Days later, they found a woman. A woman offering liberation from the factories. From this life. Not just for them under the promise of advancement and rations. An end of this, and all they needed was to pray to a new God. A God of Hope. A God of Change.
                      A God of Chaos. Tzeentch.
                      Vengeance against a system that threw away their mother after squeezing everything usable from her.
                      Their name was not yet chosen, but their eyes.
                      That defiance.

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                        Just as Herc began to move for his followup to the slam, before utter blackness filled his vision.

                        There was darkness, absolute darkness. And a silence that was as deafening as the loudest thunderclap. And for minutes, or maybe hours that was all that Herc perceived.

                        And then came the visage of Ash, their wings filling the not-air around them. And then the darkness was filled by the memories of the two nonhumans.

                        In swirling masses around Ash came their memories of life in the realm of 40K. None of it all that surprising to Herc. After all, Ash had become an entity of interest of Equilibrium. There was an entire file on Ash now.

                        But that wasn't what Herc focused on. He saw his own memories, filling the mindscape even more than Ash's. Of course, he had lived so much longer, he would have more memories anyway. His first years as a young man in Kelevra, learning his powers, his place in the world. There, when he first summoned the Hammer of Hephaistos, Forge-Fire. The men that had been his lovers as he grew of age.

                        And then the days he had spent as God of Reality. All the memories of that power. When he had thrown Darkseid back into his world when he tried to pierce the Source Wall and shattered the mind of the Master of Apokolips for his insolence. And all the times he had faced against the Chaos Gods, how he had completely terorrised them each time they had tried to personally pierce the veil of Reality. He remembered their words then, even now. He didn't need this memory playing to remind him.

                        "You aid the Anathema. You are his ally!" hissed the voice of Tzeentch. To which Herc remembers his own words, speaking them quietly even as the memory thundered at full volume around them.

                        "The God-Emperor bend his knee to MY command in this matter. Not even he will be allowed beyond the barriers that hold your realm in check. I give no aid to either him nor any of you. You are corrupting beasts who would shatter the minds of all. And you cannot deny it."

                        "Oh, but denial of our existence never helped anyone, my dear Keido...." The almost moaned words of Slaanesh, echoed in female and male pitches in a doubling effect. ".....And I above all can feel your desires......Let us show you another path.....a more entertaining path!"

                        "Keep it in your pants, Slaanesh. Get pants while you are at it. You will not get in my head like that and you know it too. Now, if you four will so kindly.......GET THE FUCK BACK IN YOUR HOLES!!!!"

                        A flash of golden energy, and even in this memory the echo of it's infinite power could be felt.

                        But then there was a murkier memory. And truly it wasn't a memory, for that required to have happened. Instead, it was a memory of a possible future. One where Herc was still God of Reality....and so much more besides. his flesh branded with black and white tattoos, filled with Warp energy beyond even the Four Chaos Gods. The Seireitei burned as his own daemons ran riot across the streets, corrupting or killing all souls they found. The maddened grin and crazed light in Herc's eyes completed the view. This was no longer Herc Keido, God of Reality and son of the legendary Daemon Keido. This was something else.

                        And then the memory did the unexpected, turning to look at Herc and Ash directly, the crazed smile spilling forth just as insane a laughter. "Chaos corrupts everything......Nothing is truly safe from its touch. I have seen a thousand realities burn beneath my hands. Remember this: Malal comes, one way or another. Chaos turns inward.......I am inevitable, if not in this body.......Then in another. Perhaps.....YOURS, Ash.......Hehehehehe....."

                        Herc stood before Ash, as if to protect them from the memory. "You are not inevitable. And even if you were, the Horsemen ride. You will fall just like all the rest of Chaos."

                        Malal laughed as he held up the severed heads of each of the Keidos who were Horsemen, grinning madly. "THEY CAN RIDE WITH ME OR RIDE TO THEIR RUIN! THIS IS MY WORLD NOW!!! MY REALITY!!!! MY REALM STRETCHES ACROSS ALL!!!!! HAHAHAHAAHAHAHA!!!!!"
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                          Ash witnessed his life, from the steppes throughout his life, eventually into the larger world. And then his work as a God of Gods...

                          Against Tzeentch, against Slaanesh. Ash did not pick up on their meaning so soon, Slaanesh often bribed others to join Chaos, even if it was strange to see Chaos... Not subservient, but nothing like the dominance they knew of, even simply wading through their realms.

                          And then it appeared. Ash could feel it.

                          It was foreign in so many ways, beyond their understanding...

                          And yet a part of it seemed oh so familiar to them.

                          Ash took a step back as if to preemptively defend themselves from this creature, a creature they knew nothing about, all they could hope was that it wasn't like the horseman in Daemon's mind. His weapon against intrusion they thought... And then, that very man who's mind they invaded stepped between them.

                          To do so like this... the mindscape between them was ever shifting and flowing, but irregular with the influence of... Malal. That was the term. The name.

                          The laugh echoed across, and through Ash's own a word echoed outward.

                          When as joined, it was for liberation, Chaos was freedom, Chaos was to fight against the very beings burning worlds with such contempt. Ash came to Chaos because they were abandoned by all else to rot, or burn, or suffer.

                          "Burning beneath your hands?" Ash said, it was quiet, and yet echoed across the mindscape. Secrets were not nearly as easy to keep in such intimate spaces. "What are you?" Ash asked without asking.

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                            Malal leaned in through his "screen" grinning as he now appeared on their side of the mindscape. "What am I? You, so ignorant of the powers you wield, dare ask me? HAHAHAHAHA!!!! I AM Chaos! I am the purity of it all! That which rebels against everything, even itself! I am Chaos personified as it TRULY should be! I AM YOUR FATE MADE MANIFEST!!!!!!"

                            Herc stepped between them, calling the memories of his God of Reality to act as a shroud around them. Though the power they represented was no longer his, they were as powerful an entity as Malal was. They acted well as a shield for both himself and Ash. "You are nothing but a future that doesn't occur. It has been a dozen cycles since you became manifest. The future you represent has not come to pass and NEVER will now that I no longer stand as God of Reality. Even if you corrupted me like you once planned, all you will have is a powerful but otherwise still limited entity. You already lost, Malal."

                            Malal giggled madly again, and stretched a hand out to test their shield Herc had created, dragging a clawed finger across it in a slow scratch. "You think too small, Herc. You always did. But then, immortal though you are, you were not born a God. How can you truly understand Eternity without me? Equilibrium has noted how much of the 40K realm has leaked out by now I'm sure. Single entities, like Faeris and our dear Ash here. Artifacts, weapons, iconography from everywhere in the Galaxy of the Grim Dark Future. All of it because I COMMAND it! You could never seal me up no matter how hard you wanted to. After all, I hid in your shadows too well for you to do so....."
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                              "...What are you?" Ash had again asked. Not to Malal this time however, but Herc.

                              As extreme as Daemon was, it made sense intuitively. Stronger people meant to protect the status quo (no matter how vile it was).

                              This though? Someone who had been a God amongst mortals...

                              And then this. Malal was... Nothing like the Chaos they knew. Chaos was a source of liberation, a fire to strike against the oppressor. Rage and hatred and violence were there of course, but so was hope and change and alliances... Looking at this however, one could never see anything like that.

                              It was simply... Malice. And to see someone as dedicated to the status quo as one of the Keidos also be this... Monster reveling in it's hideous nature.

                              And yet that question still raised more. Ash was a tzeentchian, and liked to think themselves proficient in it... And yet nothing they knew could have lead them to this.

                              Ash was confused, a feeling they'd not felt since... Since before they became Ash.

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