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  • Your Collection / Merchandise...

    Subject to change:

    Video Game Franchises:

    Mario Franchise:

    Mario Sub Franchise:
    Super Mario Series
    Mario RPG Series (Paper Mario Sub Series, Mario & Luigi Sub Series)
    Mario Kart Series
    Mario Party Series
    Mario Sports Series (Mario Golf Sub Series, Mario Tennis Sub Series, Mario Baseball Sub Series, Mario Soccer Sub Series)

    Luigi's Mansion Sub Franchise

    Donkey Kong Sub Franchise:
    Donkey Kong Country Series

    Banjo Kazooie Infra Franchise

    Yoshi Sub Franchise:
    Yoshi's Island Series
    Yoshi Platforming Series

    Wario Sub Franchise:
    Wario Land Series (Excluding The Virtual Boy Wario Land)

    Pokemon Franchise:

    Pokemon Handheld Series (Generations 1-8, Including Remakes)
    Pokemon Console Series (Stadium, Stadium 2, Colosseum, XD, Battle Revolution)
    Pokemon Spin Offs (All Of Them)

    Zelda Franchise
    Kirby Franchise
    Metroid Franchise
    Fire Emblem Franchise
    Xenoblade Chronicles Franchise
    Sonic The Hedgehog Franchise
    Super Smash Bros Franchise (Excluding The 3DS Super Smash Bros)


    Dragon Ball Volumes 1-16
    Dragon Ball Z Volumes 1-26
    Berserk Volumes 1-40
    InuYasha Volumes 1-56
    One Piece Volumes 1-93
    Naruto Volumes 1-72
    Fullmetal Alchemist Volumes 1-27
    Bleach Volumes 1-74
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    I brought a Goku figure once.