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The Biggest Change That You've Implemented Into Your Life

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  • The Biggest Change That You've Implemented Into Your Life

    What is the biggest change that you've implemented into your life in the past 6 months? If nothing in the past 6 months, then how about in the past year? The notion of assumption here is that this is a positive change.

    I've improved myself tremendously over the past 5 years, that it's becoming extremely difficult in seeking new avenues to further expand. The only aspect remaining would be exercising, which I have yet to start. However, to be fair and give a response, I've been more generous/kinder, and more forgiving in the past year.

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    Eating better. I was somebody who ate tons of fast food and snacked a lot when bored and that of course caused me to gain a ton of weight which impacted how I viewed myself. These days, I tend to eat low carb and eat low calorie when not watching carbs. On top of having lost a considerable amount of weight, my self image has improved as has my general health.


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      Going to the YMCA with my father. Great way to get in shape.