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Does the USA put bacteria in its water?

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  • Does the USA put bacteria in its water?

    Putting this here because of conspiracy theory rule but I'm actually serious about this. Americans are always getting sick. They even have a flu season. Sure people in the UK get flu as well but it's hardly a seasonal thing. Might get one person in the office off with it in November. Not a big deal. But in America it's like BETTER GET YOUR SHOTS EVERYONE BECAUSE FLU SEASON'S COMING! And this is where my conspiracy theory comes in. Americans have to pay for their medicine and their doctor's appointments and their hospital visits. What better way to keep the masses lining the pockets of pharmaceutical companies and healthcare bosses than to keep the nation's water contanimated on purpose? Maybe even the food manufacturers are in on it too? That's why your chicken is chlorinated. That's why there's 100 different chemicals in your cereal and your milk. That's why your beef is filled with steroids. The system wants you to get sick because it makes them money. Lots of it. Think I'm nuts? Look at the amount of ads for medicines and insurance on your tv. OH YOU'RE SICK AGAIN? HERE'S A CONVENIENT MEDICINE TO TREAT THAT VERY THING. After Flin Michigant I really wouldn't put this past them.

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    It's not ridiculous to consider the possibility. I can say that with confidence.