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Did Lincoln fake his death?

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  • Did Lincoln fake his death?

    They say Abraham Lincoln was allegedly shot in the head by John Wilkes Booth in 1865 but is there any footage of such a thing happening? All we have are sketches drawn after the alleged incident. Nothing to confirm it really happened. Remember that Booth was a known actor. Who better to hire to pretend to shoot Lincoln? Isn't it suspicious that an armed man could get onto the President's balcony? The truth is that Lincoln feared a genuine attempt on his life and so faking his death was the best way to avoid that happening. And he could retire without any unwanted attention.

    Think about it guys.

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    I'm thinking as much as I possibly can after all these years since he died and still can't see why such a great leader would fake his exit like this.


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      Lol! Too many conspiracy theories in the air, and it's been long proven that it was an inside job with great impact on the global history as the aftermath is well known, and it was unstable at a great extent due to his death. I don't want to put a grave ledger on top of your idea, but it's quite unlikely that your grasp of the whole story is realistic and not just pure conspiracy! What is definitely true though is that Lincoln was one of the greatest US presidents and with quite a unique character that will never be forgiven.
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        No he didn't. His real death is far more embarrassing for historians to admit to, however:
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          About as likely as Tupac still being alive, or Elvis faking his death.