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Van Gogh was shit at painting

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  • Van Gogh was shit at painting

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    Wheatfield with crows... would you even know what it was supposed to be without the title? Man Van Gogh was bad.

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    Actually I can see it pretty well I think. Maybe I'm weird.

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      Stop trolling.


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        I respect your point of view, however I don’t agree. Van Gogh was a remarkable artist, a genius some might say. You really have to research his work more in order to create an informative opinion. His work might be kind of confusing to some people, but the techniques he used are so professional, way ahead his era. I actually tried to learn once how to paint. I started from the bottom. I learned how to create a custom paint from photo in just three steps. The experience was amazing for me. I received this kit including a canvas, acrylic paint, a frame and a reference sheet. All the instructions were very clear, and, in the end, it turned out great.
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          White people can't draw for shit


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            I thought that was a cornfield.


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              Yeah I can easily see what it is without issue.


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                Before goghy everyone just drew/painted realistically (at least in Europe. Africa was on some funky shit for example), whereas he tried to capture the essence of objects. For his time he was pushing boundaries.

                Interestingly, he only started seriously painting at a late age, which is cool. He wasn't that famous in his own lifetime though.

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