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Don't ever let your pet get fat like this

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  • Don't ever let your pet get fat like this

    It ain't good for them

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      My cat also is fat but I love her anyway and I think this aspect doesn't matter because no matter what I always love her. When I went to the vet, he explained to me that she is so fat because it was genetically transmitted to her and there is nothing we can do about it. Anyway ,I always try to make her happy and I buy her everything I like from the internet for her. The last purchase was a arge cat tree from https://thepetsmaster.com/best-cat-trees/ and she loves to climb the tree and sit there. Every time I leave home and come back, I find her there.
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        We first found our cat from the wild and rescued her from certain death, and she became about this fat. However, she got lost in our neighborhood one time and when we rescued her again, she lost all the weight.