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Favourite colour underwear on a woman?

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  • Favourite colour underwear on a woman?

    What is your favourite colour underwear that you like to see a woman wearing?

    Now you may think I'm being boring but I really like plain white.

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    black for sure!


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      Originally posted by Keiteene
      I think that beige or red, depending on the mood. And black, it looks also very sensual. I don't know why, but lately, I began to admire when my girlfriend wears an invisible bra. I mean a bra without the braces. For me, it looks very sensual. She recently bought one from Freedom Bra, and it is so beautiful. Especially while wearing backless dresses, it's way more attractive. She even says how comfortable it is to wear such bras. She can wear these while wearing and tops or sweaters.
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        i like plain white because i can see any shit stains, if there are any.


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          I would say lighter colors like light blue or something.


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            Red. The color of love.


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              It's not about fav color. It's depends on women, mood etc. I am really surprised to see white. Usually white makes you look bigger than you are. Plus, it look nice only if you are tanned. On white skin, even the most beautiful set would lose the effect. My personal favs are dark ones. Black, red, dark-red or wine color mmm. These ones will correct the body shape and offer much more sensuality. Anyway, any piece or underwear is better than some cashmere leggings. But I think men like no-underwear more hehe.It's not about fav color. It's depends on women, mood etc.
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