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  • Boring anecdote

    This afternoon I called Amazon on the phone to ask that they change the email address I have registered with them. Because I gave the wrong username it took 30 minutes before the technician transferred me to the correct department. You see I said my username ended in .com but it was actually .co.uk. And then when I finally got through to the right department I was asked for security purposes to give the phone number associated with my account. Well I did just that but I was told several times it was incorrect. Turns out my account was registered with an older house number that is no longer in use. Only five minutes after I was forced to end the phone call I somehow remembered this house's original phone number. This is made more strange by the fact that when I had this number originally I could never remember it. Now the joke's on my brain as I have it written down on my desk. 01752 312904. I can write that here because it's a dead number and anyone trying to call it won't get through.

    Hope you enjoyed my story.