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As many as I can think of

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  • As many as I can think of

    The British Monarchy are lizards.
    Hitler is alive and living in Argentina,
    Vaccines cause autism.
    Humans never landed on the moon.
    Climate change is a lie told by leftists.
    Prince Philip had Princess Diana killed.
    The Egyptian pyramids were built by aliens.
    JFK was killed by the CIA.
    The Union started the American Civil War.
    Elvis faked his death.
    Paul Mccartney was replaced by an imposter.
    Socialism is bad in every way.
    Prince couldn't really play any instruments.
    School teachers should all be armed.
    Poor people are poor because of genetics.
    Homosexuality and being transgender are personal choices.
    The genocide by the Nazis was exajurated.
    Universal healthcare is unconstitutional.
    George Michael pretended to be gay for publicity.
    Winston Churchill was a fictional character played by a man in a fat suit.
    Bigfoot exists.
    Richard Nixon was framed.
    Economies fix themselves.
    Bruce Lee was murdered.
    The Earth is flat and only 6000 years old.
    Evoluton is only a theory and that theory is wrong.
    Dinosaur bones are put there by the devil to trick humans into thinking the bible is wrong.
    Every world of the bible is historically accurate.
    Anyone who isn't a Christian will burn in hell.
    Being against the pledge of allegience makes you a traitor.
    The British have never been responsible for crimes against humanity or war crimes and always interrogate terror suspects to the letter of the law and with all respect to their human rights.