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How has your life changed during the covid19 response?

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  • How has your life changed during the covid19 response?

    Has your employment changed?
    Have you taken up any new hobbies or tried to focus on pre-existing ones? Have you lost out any hobbies?
    Do you have any goals you want to accomplish during this downtime or in preparation for things re-opening?
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    I am a lot more depressed because I was planning to break up with my girlfriend so now I'm stuck for months in a relationship I feel is over pretending everything is okay because doing it now would be a mess.

    But on the positive side I have committed more to working out instead of just sitting about all day, even on lazier days I'm making sure I do at least 20 push ups, doing that until it feels easy then upping the number. Going on more walks and doing stuff with dumbbells, haven't quite got in to a strict routine with it for I am incredibly fickle but it's been a solid week or so of good activity.

    Tempted to try find the brain power to learn something useful but God damn, all the emotional crap has my energy levels through the floor and there's no pattern to my sleep🙃

    It all feels survivable at least.


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      I got laid off two months after I got rehired at my job.