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American does English Maths exam paper

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  • American does English Maths exam paper

    Evan Edeger, a Youtuber who lives in the UK attempts an English GCSE higher maths paper to see how it compares to what he did at an American school.

    GCSE is the closest equivelant of the American SAT. We do them at 15/16 years old before finishing mainstream education.


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    I also watched English teachers doing Korean English as a 2nd language papers and freaking out over it. Tbf I looked at the questions online and they weren't as bad as made out, so it's pretty sad some of the English teachers (from the UK) couldn't answer them, but then again if they're actually a good English teacher it doesn't matter.

    People who go from Asian or some Eastern Europeans countries to go American high schools in their early teens and find the lessons to be really easy, because in some countries they're doing algebra in elementary/primary school. More difficult isn't always better though. Learning to use your imagination and think critically is also important, especially for the general population. The skill of hard work is important too.
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