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Predictions on Boris Johnson

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  • Predictions on Boris Johnson

    How do you think Boris Johnson will do now that he is the British Prime Minister?

    I am expecting at least one or two scandals related to his personal life but I can't predict how he will run the country. I hope he isn't too evil. I'd much rather he just be incompetant. At least incompetance can be funny.

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    I'd rather him be evil because then people might overthrow the government.

    As it stands I expect him to be a puppet that filters Tory wants through his stupid gob and for some reason people will listen to him anyway.

    Mostly I'm just here for the memes. Him and Donald Trump meeting will be top meme material and literally nothing else.
    Maybe they've met before on camera I don't know but I can't even imagine two chimpanzees like them having an intellectual conversation on any level.
    "Do you like buses er Mr/ P...President, yes, Mr. President?"
    "Buses? Yes, we make the best buses I hear you have red ones here"

    "I beg your pardon sirs but we're here to discuss world peace"