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Arson attack on Kyoto Animation kills 33

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  • Arson attack on Kyoto Animation kills 33

    Nobody seems to have made a topic for this, it's a few days old now but in case people don't know: https://www.japantimes.co.jp/news/20...-kyoto-studio/

    Crazy stuff, apparently the guy says they plagiarised his work which is definitely a legitimate reason to try burn 70 or so people to death(sarcasm) I think it's the biggest mass murder over there since the events of WW2.

    I haven't watched many of their works, pretty much only Dragon Maid to my mind but they're clearly a well loved studio. What a horrific ordeal indeed.

    There's a crowdfunding thing for supporting them also, not sure if I should post it here should be easy to find I'm sure.

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    And now they've lost just about everything they made over all these years... Horrible indeed.


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      Not to sound uncaring but they shouldn't have stole his work and try to capitalize off of it without giving him his due credit. I'm sorry about the lost the people and their families have to go through, but greed is one of the most dangerous sins.


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        I'm not sure it's been proven if what he said was true or not. He could've just been delusional and telling lies, and it's very likely that he was.


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          Yeah I don't think there's been any news on that still so it's possible that they just had an anime similar to an idea he had and decided they stole it.

          I'm not about to vouch for such a persons sanity before an event like this, he'll have to have been unhinged a long time to go this far unless he has learning difficulties or something and just didn't quite understand the gravity of it but the latter doesn't seem to be the case.

          He apparently submitted a novel for a competition or something but KyoAni said they never received such a thing, so who knows really. I can see why KyoAni wouldn't want to admit any fault here but I'm less inclined to believe the crazy guy who just murdered a bunch of folk.


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            RIP the victims.


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              Never mess with the man who contains flames.