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What should Jeremy Corbyn do?

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  • What should Jeremy Corbyn do?

    In regards to the recent BBC investigation into anti semitism within the British Labour Party and the revelations that senior figures have been delibrately undermining efforts to deal with it, what should the Labour Leader do about the situation?

    In my opinion he needs to fire the two names who were called out specifically and do what everyone has been suggesting which is to finally set up a true independant body that tackles racism and discrimination within the party. Right now there's still too much interference from senior politicians. It shouldn't matter who your friends are and it should be zero tolerance, automatic suspension from the party if found guilty.

    What I believe will actually happen is nothing. Jeremy Corbyn is showing very poor leadership on the matter and isn't willing to punish his friends and allies. I think if he continues to disregard concerns about institutional racism then he's going to be out on his ass before the next general election. The majority of Labour MPs are not racist and won't stand for the minority being shielded by a spineless leader.