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Why do politicians in charge always seem like idiots?

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  • Why do politicians in charge always seem like idiots?

    If you look at the politicians who have the top jobs why is it they always come across as out of touch, incompetant or just really odd?

    This comes from me noticing that most of the politicians I sort of trust are lower down on the scale of importance. For some reason only certain kinds of people ever get to be in charge and they're usually weirdos/psychopaths. Perhaps the fact that they are odd makes them prefer other odd people to have working with them?

    I dunno. It's just strange that if you look at the leadership candiates for the British Conservative Party recently for example... what planets do they all hail from?

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    I often wonder if really these sorts of people are just puppets to the much smarter people beneath them.

    I mean, how good a play is that?
    Get Boris as PM, get him to do some shit you want, he's a total clown and gets kicked out of office, then you can get voted in with no bad record to your name for heinous things you wanted in place.
    I feel like each party probably has shadow groups like that with their own agendas, people who aren't willing to take the fall for anything.

    Might just be that only those dumb enough or confident enough go for office, particularly dumb ones it seems.


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      Boris plays the fool in front of the cameras but he's actually a serious politician. But you're right. The Conservative Party have a kind of club led by Jacob Rees Mogg where they try to influence decisions in parliament. It's really shady. Might be why he never wants to be Prime Minister. He's basically doing the same job anyway but with zero accountability or public scrutiny. I believe he's one of the architects of the Brexit movement and also why it keeps stalling. For someone so well spoken and influential he's actually pretty thick. But because he's posh it's not as easy to notice.


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        Politicians for the most part are just people like us, unfortunately most of them are still out of touch coming from... Sheltered backgrounds a lot of the time.

        And generally it's safe to assume that despite what they may try to portray themselves as, they're generally not as smart as they present themselves.

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          usually they specialize in one particular area and end up being ignorant in others.