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Benefits to being male

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  • Benefits to being male

    Was just thinking about some benefits that being male brings.

    We can pee standing up.
    If a barber does a bad job then we can just shave our head to undo the mistake.
    It's much easier to buy clothes that fit.
    On that note our clothes are thicker, sturdier and warmer.
    Sexual harrassment/assault is less of an issue.
    We don't have to give birth.
    No menstruation.
    No menopause.
    Don't need to wear bras.
    More job opportunities.

    I'll probably do a downsides later.

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    Yeh all of this is true.


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      I would never shave my head. But the rest is true.


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        I would say being able to lift more things, but I've seen some weak-ass dudes before.


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          Yeah exactly why I didn't talk about superior strength. It's generally true but not universal for all men. Plus there are some crazy strong ladies out there who make average men look like little girls.


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            I'd say generally men give less of a shit about how they (or other men) look. I would hate having to shave my whole body regularly or having to care about make-up.


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              I don't really agree with males having more job opportunities (we tend to take less of a part in raising kids, which creates that illusion, but if females were to prioritize work, they'd be able to have just as many opportunities).

              Other than that though, I'd list the following:

              - not having to wear makeup
              - not being shamed for having many sexual partners
              - not needing as much fashion sense (I pretty much just cut my hair in the most generic style possible, sometime slick it back, and wear t-shirts and jeans and nobody gives a shit)
              - lines at public restrooms are much shorter
              - peeing standing up I guess
              - stronger, faster and sturdier
              - no menopause, menstruation (I don't really count not giving birth as an advantage, seeing as we still have to pay child support/support children anyway)
              - we gain weight slower than females
              - we can get married at an older age and it's considered normal

              As for cons, though:

              - no affirmative action
              - we don't live as long
              - get into trouble more easily with the law/in school
              - usually lose kids in divorce/pay alimony
              - forced military draft
              - more likely to die workplace deaths
              - we pay for dates and for engagement rings
              - women can do gay shit without being called lesbians (not saying I have gay urges, it's just weird how girls can experiment with each other and still be considered "straight")

              I'm sure there's more, but can't think of any right now
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