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Destruction Capacity

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  • Destruction Capacity

    Is it possible for a character to be stronger than another in the same category? Example: Superman is solar system level and Super Perfect Cell is solar system level and Silver Surfer is solar system level.

    Fundamentally, shouldn't they be equals in overall destruction capacity? Not sure where I should've put it so I decided here.

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    What exactly are you asking? Stronger than another in the same category? Like how Vegeta and Freeza both can "only" destroy planets but Freeza is far stronger than Vegeta?

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      Yeah, basically. Is it possible for it to be like that for higher tiers?


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        ...I mean, Gohan is stronger than Cell, and they both could blow up the sun apparently, least according to Cell, I'm not sure what's confusing here. If the story has them as that then it's like that. The story is what matters, not feats.

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          Nah I get that but is there like a way to tell if a character has more power in the same category? I used solar system level since its extremely vast and wide, like I know a multi solar system level foe is more powerful than a solar system level being but is there a way to verify if a person in the same category is stronger.

          I might not be explaining it well so my bad.

          Let me see, how strong do you have Super Saiyan 3 Goku in comparison to Super Perfect Cell? Destruction capacity wise?


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            Wouldn't the power ladder more than cover that? Even if we lost PLs, we can make guesses given everyone who has come since, it's all about context in a story. Freeza and Vegeta both blew up planets, but one did it with his finger and the other as a nigh desperate move.
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              This would just be a thread fulla guesses lol

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