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I believe I once suffered from psychosis

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  • I believe I once suffered from psychosis

    I was watching a very good documentary last night where actor David Harewood talked about the mental illness he had in his 20s. When he was talking about his symptons and interviewing others with the same condition it made me realise that I too once suffered from this disorder. When I was 18 I had what some might describe as a mental breakdown. I can remember vividly fighting goblins in the woods and a dragon on top of a castle. Looking back, what I believed at the time was a sword and shield was actually one half of a Guitar Hero controller and the plastic casing to a computer monitor. And I was running around in public swinging these things around like a maniac. It wasn't only visual hallucinations I experienced either. I still to this day get voices in my head. I've had Merlin the wizard utterly convince me that my first born son will be the new King Arthur. It was real enough for me that it made me obsessed with wanting a child. I genuinely believed my son would be the chosen one to bring back Camelot. And then there's the delusions of grandeur. Something shared by David Harewood and the people he met was that they sometimes would believe they were invincible. Now I've never exactly believed this about myself but I have often thought I was excpetional. I'd have delusions that I could be the greatest Prime Minister ever or be unbeatable in a fight. And a lot of this stuff is still in my mind it's just reduced by the tablets I take. Sometimes I have a mild slip up. Recently I've been having deceased actor Peter Cushing following me around everywhere. I'm used to that sort of thing by now so it doesn't disturb me as much as it used to.

    Well anyway that's why I believe I had this psychosis thing and why I'm probably not entirely free of delusions. And the reason I made this thread was because there's been a thing recently where people are starting to say we should talk about our mental health issues more openly. We should not stigmatise or fear mental health problems. We need to accept it is a reality for many people and share our experiences with it.
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