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What other forums are you part of?

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  • What other forums are you part of?

    This might've been asked before in the original DBZF, but I don't remember.

    Pretty standard question. On my part, I regularly visit the TFW2005 forum, and a few others on occasion. My activity has been lacking in many of those others, though.

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    Pretty much only DBZeta.


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      None. If I join other forums in the future it'll likely be something totally or at least very unrelated to DBZ. The only forums I was on a few years prior to this one were to do with a radio show and the band Nirvana (knew someone from the radio-centred ones on the Nirvana one). I have nothing I feel compelled to discuss for long enough to join a forum. I do read threads on forums, in the same way that I read this forum before joining, but I don't have any drive to spend time discussing or arguing or forging new relationships online, because I don't feel so sure that it's worth the time any more, which is probably partly down to my age and partly down to past relationships disappearing. New relationships often form because of repeated, somewhat coincidental interactions, which probably won't happen again online until I find something I don't mind consuming my life. That's my guess anyway.
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        I'm part of a lot but I only regularly post on a couple including this one.

        Serenes Forest (Fire Emblem), my forum for rp, and Notaka's forum for rp.


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          This one, Caleb's forum for RP, and mine for RP. Yes I'm a boring person