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Are some people just not meant to live?

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  • Are some people just not meant to live?

    I was just reading about an American opera singer who recently passed away and after reading about all the health problems in her life, it got me wondering about this question. Are some people just not meant to live? I mean they go through medical procedure after medical procedure, they survive against incredible odds... and then one day they suddenly drop dead. Or they catch a disease that they cannot fight against anymore. Or they survive something terrible like lukemea but they get run over by a car. You see what I'm getting at? Seems like there's no saving some people. It's like destiny does not want them to live.

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    Simply put, no. Some people are really unlucky that is true, and there are times we fail them, but to pin such a thing on "destiny" is to deny our own ability to fix, and in the worst cases, to make that prophecy come true through apathy and defeatism.

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      Does it MATTER though?

      Everybody still has the right to life and health care, even if it's inconvenient to take care of them or the odds are stacked against their surviving. Even if they're fated to die, there's no way for us as mere humans without knowledge of every feasible possibility to KNOW. And pretending you do would just be declaring somebody as a burdern who does not deserve to live or to be cared for, which is horrific. So even somebody theoretically fated to die shouldn't be treated differently than somebody also in need of medical aid who's fated to live.

      So yeah, I don't think it matters if somebody is "meant" to die or not, and that such a line of thinking is potentially dangerous and dehumanizing.


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        i guess it is destiny, if that's what you want to call the nature of life and death. People will die because that's just what happens. We have made enough progress medically that we can fight it off much harder than we have a right to, but we can't 'win', at least not at this moment in time.


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          I often wonder if there is truly some sort of spiritual cycle going on in the world, there's so much shit you just can't find reason to, just "because" isn't a reason, someone who's fit, healthy, eats well and takes care of themself dying at 40 randomly doesn't make much sense.

          A family friend of ours is I think 93 at the moment and in all her life she has never eaten healthy, the only vegetables she eats by choice are potatoes and that's only when they're in a meat pie or something. She literally turns her nose up at vegetables on her plate like a spoiled child at her highly advanced age, she's never been one for fitness and so far as I know hasn't had much of an active lifestyle.
          She's not without health problems of course but at such an age it's almost impossible to have none.

          She's also injured herself a lot over the years and has osteoarthritis, has broken many bones but other than her memory going a bit in recent years, she's amazingly stable and well.

          I'm not sure I'd call it "destiny" as such, I don't feel like we're all here to do a specific thing at a specific time and then die afterwards but there's certainly a strange process to how at some point in ones life their body or the world around them just seems to choose them for death. It's especially weird how there's no perceivable pattern to it either, usual culprits like genetics don't take people away at the same ages or anything.