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What is inside a blackhole?

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  • What is inside a blackhole?

    As they just released the first decent image of a blackhole, I thought it would be relevant to ask what we all think is inside one.

    For me what happens is the immense gravity compresses everything inside into a near infinately tiny space, creating something similar to what existed before the big bang. It's possible that blackholes are literally ripping open spacetime and sending the compressed matter through to the other side creating big bangs in other universes. Perhaps multiple big bangs. This could explain how the contents of our universe managed to expand as far as it did and maybe why it is still expanding. The force of multiple big bangs could have extended the range further than that of a single blast.

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    ...Why not ask that in the thread I just made?

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      A very very interesting question

      First of... i think the so called singularity where our math breaks is the point where the space time continuum is torn apart. If we lets assume had a spacescraft which is strong enough to withstand the extreme force and lets also assume the black hole we d like to fly into is a supermassive one Segitarius A (to evade the spaghettifying effect) then we could theoretically reach the event horizon the point of no return. I think of two possibilities. First we end up outside of the universe (outside of the bubble) Or we end up somewhere else in the universe (black hole is then a wormhole)

      The definitive answer unfortunately lies in mystery. Noone from this century will ever get to know it.

      Which kinda makes me sad