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Could we survive a new ice age?

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  • Could we survive a new ice age?

    I heard from a few scientists many years ago that the ice caps melting could lead to a new ice age. Something about fresh water from the arctic circle and Greenland stopping the gulf stream. Now if this happened and there was another ice age like the one just over 10,000 years ago, could modern humans survive it?

    I like to think so. I mean humans with barely any technology at all thrived at the time. Now we have insulation, heating and artificial fibers. Of course many would die from starvation. We would not be able to produce enough food for billions of people. Not even with modern bio domes and green houses. But we'd get through it even if our numbers dropped by the billions.

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    Technically speaking, we are in an ice age as we speak, the Quaternary glaciation.

    We'll be long dead before it gets worse, and even if we don't, we'll have made plenty of counter measures to endure our survival.

    “If something can bite you, that's reason enough to fear it.”