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Reflections of you in media

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  • Reflections of you in media

    Basically that, list and describe examples of people like you in media that you watch, in one aspect or another. For example in my case, hispanic non-binary/ genderqueer, with curly hair and such. I'm curious how people see themselves in the media they consume.

    so for hispanic that's easy and broad enough that I'll just list a few in particular, Coco actually has someone fairly engrained in hispanic culture in Coco for example. They're are others such as Rico Rodrigueze but it tends to just be a name and maybe accent. Ironically I suppose El Tigre from the show of the same name would also be an earlier example of hispanic heroes I knew of

    in non'binary, I'm specifically genderfluid so the list is... short. Literally like, Tedd from El Goonish Shive webcomic who later figures out to the term itself (this web comic plays a lot with gender transformation), and Rui from Gatchaman Crowds (it's less explicit, but Rui is either genderfluid or a transwoman given how they will often present as a woman, though I feel their conduct without the feminine getup does suggest that they're fluid). Link from Breath of the Wild is genderfluid given their reaction when complimented in their beauty during the Gerudo questline.

    As for curly hair it's a bit of a strange thing but I don't find many with curly hair, fictional characters include Rui from Gatchaman Crowds again, P5 protagonist, Spike from Cowboy Bebop (most curly hair seems to be either with a specific direction, whereas these seem to have no particular direction of growth). I'll also say Jesse Eisenberg has similar hair, particularly in Zombieland.

    Also if you're something just super ubiquitous in the media you watch, don't worry about losing them all, just take a few examples that in particular reflect your and your identity, I did the same with curly haired people. You don't have to keep it top these traits either though that's what I focused on, other particular traits (maybe you're a North Dakotan who doesn't see many from your general region for example, or even personality traits you don't often see reflected in media.

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    Quite a few catagories if I'm going to break down all my traits.

    Lets start with autism. Either we have characters with severe autism like Rainman or we get portrayed as just being a bit socialiy inept with a single unique skill. The reaity is that most people on the autistic spectrum are mentally retarded and they don't have any special skills like Rainman or The Good Doctor do.

    British English people comes next. American media tends to exaggerate and stereotype us which is fine. Thing is we don't see enough rural Brits like myself. I don't speak like the Queen or a London gangster. I'm closer to Hagrid from the Harry Potter films.

    People who live on housing estates/in social housing. Usually portrayed as loveable scum. Probably casually takes drugs and gets into fights all the time.


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      I'm a straight, white male, so plenty of representation in those categories. Like Pelador said, in non-UK media we tend to be represented with either 'posh' or London-based accents, which is a pretty small portion of the population. My accent doesn't fall into either of those two. The only other part of myself worth noting in terms of representation is as someone with mental health issues, which definitely seems to be present a lot more in movies and TV lately. I know there are a few films with characters who officially share my diagnosis, but I haven't seen them so not sure how well they portray it.


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        I'm also a straight white man so, on those grounds, it's easier to find characters who are superficially "like me" in media than it is for people of any other gender or ethnic group.

        To narrow it down, I'm trying to think of Brazilian characters in foreign (non-Brazilian) popular media. There's Sunspot in Marvel Comics, Fire in DC, Taurus Aldebaran in Saint Seiya and Nikki & Paulo in LOST. Most of these characters suck. Sunspot is my favorite of these, but nationality and gender are the only points of identification I'd have w/ the character. There's also José Carioca, who I really like despite him being a blatant stereotype created for highly dubious reasons, but I'm not from Rio (also I'm not a bird).

        If I narrow it down even further by including issues of mental health and other personal characteristics, it becomes even harder to think of a good character, even in Brazilian media.
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