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Is this a good base for a diet plan?

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  • Is this a good base for a diet plan?

    What I've been doing is whilst still eating all the wrong foods to lose weight, I've been limiting the quantities of what I eat in a certain way. For instance if I eat a sandwich then I cannot eat another sandwhich that day or anything that was in that sandwich. Obviously if I have peas on my plate then I'm not restricted to only one pea. I can eat whatever amount was in the packaging. I just can't go and grab another packet that same day. Now if I was to apply this method with healthy food, would it be a healthy way to lose weight?

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    I don't quite know what you mean.
    What worked for me was: skip breakfast, only eat lunch and dinner, no snacks. Limit carbs as much as possible, but fat is ok.
    And then exercise of course. You can limit calorie intake as much as you want, if you don't exercise it doesn't matter.


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      Say I have toast. That's it for toast that day. Or I boil some ramen. Again that's all the ramen I allow myself. I won't have the same thing twice.


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        I think with this way you would be able to lose weight quickly.


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          This way you can lose weight even without proper nutrition. The main thing is to count calories. I don't see the point in proper nutrition. Why torment yourself? You can lose weight by eating junk food. I have experienced this on my own example. In two months, I lost 7 kilograms by eating fast food every day. However, I quite often played sports. I did cardio machines in the first half of the day and I did yoga in the second half. But over time, I started doing only yoga. I even signed up for a yoga retreat on https://yogapractice.com/yoga/yoga-retreats-in-bali.
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            Yes, but it would be better if you gave up junk food


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              This is not the best way to lose weight. If you want faster to reach your goal, then it is advisable to give up junk food. I understand that it is difficult to give up sweets, but sweet food can be replaced. For example, instead of candy, you can eat a protein bar or some food supplements. At every meal, I use sweets that are made from apple cider vinegar. In addition to, these candies help to stabilize blood sugar and cholesterol levels, they help to lose weight. Apple cider vinegar candies will remove fat folds. I found out about it on https://druggenius.com/nutrition/app...-side-effects/.
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                Yeah giving up junk food would be best for losing weight. Any extra sugar and calories tends to hurt weight loss efforts yeah. Certainly stick with fresh foods and such.


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                  No you'll definitely die.

                  I would limit each food to only once a year, plus only exercise in each earth coordinate once a year.

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                    I think it's worth it, at least you should try it because we try to improve ourselves. Also, I'd recommend you to eat salads. It's one of the best I have seen. I like anything with veggies in it. I had issues with my health, and my doctor told me that I should eat better than usual. I mean, I need to eat more natural and less bad things, such as french pies. After that, I got bored, and I started searching for a website that can provide me some helpful tips. I have never been so happy after I found http://medicalweightlosslehighvalley.com There, I discovered so many opportunities.
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