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Why Does Nobody on DBZ forums actually discuss DBZ?

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  • Why Does Nobody on DBZ forums actually discuss DBZ?

    There's like two people that do, really.

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    I think after all this time it has gotten so repetitive for people like me who have been doing it circa 2005 lol.
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    Yeah, I barely do it elsewhere. I try to post here and there so it has some relevance, but it's really not interesting to me.


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      I generally get most of what I want to say out relatively quickly, I will say the movie's renewed my interest in it, but until then DB hasn't really interested me. I imagine once the new series is around a lot of people (and I think I may be among them) will start to talk a bit more. And yeah, for many of us, it's been a discussion for more than a decade.

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        I stopped properly discussing DB a few years after joining and mainly stayed because of the community. That tends to be how it goes for most long-term members.


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          There's not enough new blood. On other places it seems like a lot of the discussion is driven by younger members.
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