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Do you trust the police?

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  • Do you trust the police?

    Maybe it's because we're white but any time my family have had to contact the police for something they've always been very supportive and helpful. What is your experience with law enforcement?

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    Yeah, I trust the police. At times they seem a bit lazy, but I think they're doing a good job in our community. I've never had to talk to a policeman though, me and my family have never been in trouble with the law.


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      Inherently, it can be a bit difficult to trust them. Certainly I would not if I were under arrest or anything like that. That'd just be a mistake.
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        As much as I can trust anyone else.

        With my life? Hell no.


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          They oppose any form of oversight, for a job that is rather important, 40% of them beat their wives, they constantly more brutal than need be, I have no reason to trust "the cops" as an institution, maybe individuals can prove themselves, but the system as a whole is untrustworthy.

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            I've had very few interactions with the police, but those I have had haven't given me any reason not to trust them and, if anything, left me trusting them more. It's a small sample size though, so I could have just gotten lucky with the particular officers I dealt with.


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              Similar to Mitas, I have met a few good policemen and I am friends with at least one of them.

              Similar to Tinny, however, I trust statistics, and in spite of how many good policemen I may have met, I have definitely met more that weren't all that helpful or fun to talk to, to say the least.