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Are seagulls pests?

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  • Are seagulls pests?

    Seagulls can swoop down and snatch food from your hands or lap. But worse than that they swarm around garbage and make a big mess. Plus they are very noisy. On the other hand they can be very funny. And even though they are noisy, the sound they make is indicitive of the seaside. I should also mention that they are technically an endangered species and protected under UK law. Not things I would associate with a pest.

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    Why exactly are they endangered? I've never got that, there's thousands of the bastards in my area and when I say bastards I mean it.

    They sure seem to be thriving to me, maybe they can't live as they used to but they've adapted to eating chips and whatnot people throw on the ground or just by directly stealing them.

    They're an iconic creature but I'm really not sure how they're endangered unless Scotland just houses most of them. Sure feels like it.


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      Perhaps because what you see is all there is? Pockets of 10-20 in one place. Probably not even 50 per town. That works out to be quite a small number.


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        They seem to be all over the place though, way more than 50 in my old town anyway. About that many crowd around the high street alone and then you see huge groups of like at least 30 standing in fields a lot.
        I'd say there's well over 1000 in my old town, probably a lot more.

        They just don't seem like a struggling species to me compared to foxes which get hunted and killed on the roads constantly, perhaps seagulls live in few places but they seem to thrive wherever they go.


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          I highly doubt there were 1000 seagulls in your old town. I imagine you were just seeing a lot of the same ones without realising it. We have a small community of them around my estate but no more than 15 and they often fly out to sea before settling on rooves for a few hours.


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            I doubt it, in my old town they congregate around the High Street, the academy, the two primary schools, the beach closest to town, the beach further up, the golf course, the shore line, the various farms and any open space in housed areas. As well as the industrial estate where there's a fish food factory which reeks of fish constantly so naturally they love that. They don't really move around much unless it rains or when it gets dark.


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              Regardless, they are essential to their ecosystems as the "local" vultures. Scavengers take care of the garbage or corpses that may let out diseases or dangerous bacteria as soon as they start to decay.

              “If something can bite you, that's reason enough to fear it.”