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Could we move the planet?

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  • Could we move the planet?

    I was thinking of the time when the sun starts to become a red giant. Would it ever be possible to move our planet far enough away so that the climate stays roughly the same? It doesn't take a lot of gravity to pull planets around. So I think that if we can create it artificially then the machine used to push the Earth into a new orbit won't even have to be that powerful I wouldf imagine.

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    That's none of our worry anyway. At the earliest this is a concern 100 to 150 years from now, when we are all dead. Of course we can help with technology now, but we won't be there to see any of this happen.


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      Even in 150 years or so, our tech will be beyond incapable of moving this planet for more than an inch. Who knows how long it'll take for us to get THAT good.

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