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Angriest you've made someone?

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  • Angriest you've made someone?

    Talk about the angriest that you've ever made someone.

    For me it was when I threw a piece of candy at someone in school and it hit him in the eye. He went loopy and had to be held back by like three adults. No one's ever raged at me like that before or since. Lesson learned, don't throw things at people even if the object is small and chewy. I mean right in the damn eyeball. I could have really hurt him.

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    Probably a handyman at my old house when I lived with my mother and stepfather.

    He was doing stuff in the hall for a few days and I was left with some money to give him, £50 because my mum wasn't sure how much it would cost.
    He was like "Oh that's no enough! Jesus! £50!?" and stormed out the house then moaned at our neighbour about it, who was all shocked about it and made him more angry(she had a grudge against my mum)

    I was just sitting like "Fuck you mate" it's not like he wouldn't get paid properly my mum just had no idea how much it would cost because she's a social worker not a damn handy woman, how is she meant to have known? I don't see why he couldn't have just taken it as an initial payment.

    It still annoys me to this day, not sure who was more angry about it actually...wish I had the assertiveness to tell him off at the time.

    Guess that counts though not technically my fault.