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Most disturbing thing you've ever seen?

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  • Most disturbing thing you've ever seen?

    What is the most disturbing thing that you've ever seen?

    For me it's a dental horror story. I was in the dentist waiting room with my family and we suddenly heard this huge scream. Turns out a dentist used the wrong anaesthetic on a little girl... if I was slightly traumitised by it then I can't comprehend how she feels or even the dentist for that matter. I hope she got plenty of compensation for that screw up. Holy crap.

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    I don't think this really happened but I remember it as such.

    I was at an indoors swimming pool place where I was on top of a slide. I looked down and saw a kid who had fallen out on to a rock and had his arm bone sticking out of the skin. It might just be part of my imagination, but it seems real enough.


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      It was more the sound rather than what I saw. But one time during a high school football game, I was in elementary so in the stands, one of our players fell and got run over by another. A loud snap was heard from his leg that echoed throughout the entire field. Everyone went "ooo" at the same time. Disturbing sound for sure. I don't know what the most disturbing thing I've seen was. Probably something in a video, not sure about in person.


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        Probably stuff on r/fiftyfifty...
        Particularly of note

        Spoiler Alert!
        One where a baby crawls under a moving train, taken from the platform above it as if it fell down...just crawls on under the wheels. You don't really see anything I think but still ****ed up

        As for stuff I've personally witnessed...I honestly can't think of a single thing. I can be quite a twisted individual so I'm not sure if there's just things that never really bothered me.
        But so far as I recall I've never seen an accident, a fight, an injury, nothing.