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Why can we only be married to one person?

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  • Why can we only be married to one person?

    What reasons are there for legally only being allowed to marry one person at a time? Shouldn't it be a personal choice and nothing to do with government?

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    Because we still live in a society where morality, mostly influenced by religion, is an important part in the process of writing laws. Over time, society's views over what is morally accepted have shifted though; in my country, for example, homosexuality and adultery used to be incriminated, now not anymore. The current topic in discussion is homosexual marriage and adoption. Maybe in the future, other topics will come under discussion, too? This aspect doesn't interest me though, I'm totally for sex partners plurality, don't see anything immoral about it

    On the other hand, there is another aspect to be taken into consideration. Child-making. The law is very delicate in this area and always tends in the direction of child protection. It is generally accepted that a kid needs both parents equally involved in their lives in order to grow up mentally healthy. If one parent has two other spouses with children, for example, he/she will be automatically forced to be the less involved parent. Financially, too. How would the poligam spouse be able to contribute to each child properly? Or - is there a financial level from which you'd be 'allowed' to have multiple spouses with children? (like in other countries in this world)


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      But that still comes down to personal choice. If you don't know what you're getting into financially or otherwise then on your head be it. And your example with the children is hardly any different to a step parent in that emotionally they will never have the same connection as the biological parent.


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        I think it'd be a pretty awkward thing to legislate for since when you're married there's all sorts of different changes to things like tax, money you get when your loved one dies etc etc
        If there was a marriage between like 4 people all that would be pretty awkward to balance out to say the least, not to mention costly.

        Again 4 people say they're looking for a council house, if they have children as well then obviously they can only be housed in quite a large place and if they can't afford the likely high rent and other utilities the government will have to pay it for them.

        Sounds like something that would only really work for well off and independent people, a multi-person marriage that functions like a family is an awkward thing to juggle government side.
        But yeah as said the children thing is certainly awkward.
        If there's only one man here and two or more women, one of them has a baby but gets divorced from the group then who deserves custody? Almost any way you look at it one home has both a mother and a father still but the woman who gave birth to the child is by herself, so her home may not be ideal. Which would be rather unfair.

        For people who don't live together I guess it'd be a lot less complicated but personally I don't see the point, I don't believe you can truly be deeply committed to multiple people on an equal level and it's highly unlikely they'll never get jealous of each other either. Bit of a waste of time and money.


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          Marriage is pointless anyway since agreements can be made between two consensual adults in the first place. Since people can be in as many polygamy relationships as they want (most places anyway) the idea of marriage is only romantized. Anyone can also have children outside marriage now without it being shameful.