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Why is gambling considered immoral?

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  • Why is gambling considered immoral?

    Why is gambling considered by many cultures to be immoral? At least I have a chance of getting back what I paid in or more. Unlike if you buy a diamond bracelet which offers nothing in return except for being shiny. But buying useless jewelery is perfectly fine even though it has no practical use. Unlike winning big at poker where you can then donate some of your winnings to those less fortunate.

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    Is it, though?


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      Yes it is. There are some US states and countries where it's illegal to gamble.


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        Because it's dangerously addictive and a lazy, stupid way to aim for success I would assume. Some people spend half their lives in casinos washing half their money away, thinking they're getting somewhere when they win when really they're not winning as much as they've put in.

        I guess it's largely because you want to cheat the system and put the bare minimum effort in to getting rich, it's also always just going to be a game of chance. Even the best Poker player can lose if random chance fucks them in a particular way.

        I wonder where the idea of it being bad first came from? I would imagine there's a solid reason, like a leader losing everything through being a fool.


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          I really don't get it either, I mean anything can be addictive if you think about it, just because you can lose money on this, doesn't make it a good enough reason for me, you can lose money in so many ways. Also, it's just a hobby like any other, you just have to have strong willpower, and for the ones that don't, well not gambling is the problem. I tried a lot of games from here thegamereward.com and I don't see any problem with it, my favorite at the moment is House of Fun and it really is fun, haha.
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            It's a very interesting thought indeed! Do you often play poker?


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              I agree! Neff, do you use any poker sites? If talking about morality, I think gambling is not good at all because of the consequences which it may provoke. I know many people who lost everything they have obsessed with the wish to win it back, from cars to families. Honestly, you would better think twice before gambling or betting for the first time. Neff, I would be interested to hear some profitable sources from you. By the way, have you ever played pkv online poker here? It's not a famous platform, but my friend told me they managed to win good stakes here.
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                Gambling is in no way immoral. It's not for children like Pokemon implies, and it's not a good lifestyle for adults, but calling it immoral is just wrong.


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                  We often consider self-destructive behavior to be immoral. Gambling is self-destructive.
                  Also, gambling is in essence seeking money for nothing. There is no work involved for the rewards you reap.