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Is Detroit as bad as they say it is?

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  • Is Detroit as bad as they say it is?

    I don't know much about life in Detroit. Popular media makes it out to be one of the roughest cities ever but what is the reality?

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    It's REALLY bad. I live around 15 miles north of Detroit, and my parents/family members warn that if you are driving at night in Detroit, to never stop at red lights because you could get robbed if you stop. There's huge parts of the city that are barren with run-down vacant houses, drug houses are abundant. My friend went to college in Detroit, and he said he would literally hear gun shots every day. At my elementary school growing up, cops described their experience being a cop in Detroit.(For some reason) They said taht people would just drive by and turn themselves in because they would rather go to prison than face what their gang/the opposing gang was going to do to them.