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Can paedophilia be treated?

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  • Can paedophilia be treated?

    If somebody is sexually aroused by chldren, is there any way to treat them? I saw an article about a Youtuber who's just be convicted of various things and now he's been ordered to attend therapy for it. But would that be effective? I don't imagine you can change someone's sexual preference though therapy. Drugs maybe. Even brain surgery but therapy? Nah surely that's a waste of time?

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    Don't think you can. Would be the same as anti-gay therapy. If a pedophile truly can resist his urges and not act on his desires, good for him. Otherwise it's probably best to get yourself castrated.


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      I think it depends.

      I would say paedophillia isn't always a sexuality exactly, I'd imagine it can also be something of a fetish brought on by certain events you could have experienced growing up.
      And in that case, it probably can be treated same as a negative fetish.

      Personally I don't buy that sexuality is ever a set thing it's just that most people aren't going to want to change their preferences at all. Probably why forced therapy never makes an actual impact.