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Should I get a new phone?

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  • Should I get a new phone?

    I'm always wanting to take photos but my current phone is really basic doesn't have a camera. Should I buy a decent phone or would it be a waste of time considering I don't have any friends?

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    You don't need friends to have a phone these days. There are plenty of entertainment you can get through a phone: streaming services such as Netflix, games of all sorts so I'm sure you can find a few you like, tools that can help you in certain situation including a flashlight in case you need to find something in the dark.


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      As emmeth said. You dont need friends to have a good phone. Nowadays the so called smartphones are like mini computers. They can almost literally do the same thing as a pc aside from launching heavy gpu applicatuons. . You can make photos as you mentioned. Be online 0-24 streaming . Youtube and various app to make everyday life easier. Actually the only downside of a good phone is that some ppl can actually become " phonaholics" so they are almost always making something with their phones. ( chat and youtube) so it is kinda addictive