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Whats the deal with "offensive weapon" laws?

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  • Whats the deal with "offensive weapon" laws?

    Offensive weapon law is too inconsistant. I completely understand why someone would be tazered or shot if they ran around outside waving a katana. What I don't understand is why we can't keep exotic weapons in our homes. There are some that aren't even lethal but are still banned, such as shurikens. I could do more damage with a pair of scissors than I could with a few shurikens. But are scissors illegal? No. I could be wrong but I think Nun-chucks might be illegal here as well. Again there are a number of common household objects that are far more lethal. One more example just for the rule of three, I take a bus down the road, walk into a shop and purchase a fairly hefty axe. No license required, no questions asked. But if I wanted to order a medieval war axe or polearm online then it likely wouldn't be allowed to be shipped here. It would be nice if one day they could sort this messy legislation out so that responsible weapon enthusiasts like myself can have cool stuff.


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    It's kinda dumb yeah, the only logic behind it I can see is that they are weapons first and foremost whereas the other things you mentioned have other primary uses.

    I guess it's just the potentially murky intention behind "Why are you buying a weapon?"
    "Because it's cool" isn't a very solid response to that.