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Will people stop caring about swear words?

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  • Will people stop caring about swear words?

    Mature language is more frequent in the media these days than it was when television and radio were first invented. I don't know about how it was in day to day life because I haven't spent enough time visiting different decades. But it seems like you can't walk through the city streets today without hearing plenty of adult language being casually spouted. So why is it that we object to it being used on the television before night time? Why is it that Woody from Toy Story can't say shit? I've seen Deadwood. Cowboys love that word. Everybody swears so when are we going to reach a point where nobody cares anymore what time of day certain words are said?

    And another thing, why is it okay to say poo but not shit? Why can I say make love but not fuck? Seems like a nonsensical double standard if you ask me. And yes I'm a hypocrit because I won't ever use these words in front of my parents or at work despite everything I just said. I suppose it's been bred into me too much that these random words are somehow bad.

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    I think if people stop caring about them, they lose their value and thus will be stopped from being used. New words will pop out of the ground instead to replace the demand for swear words.


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      I think that cussing is pretty silly to get offended about in the first place. Yes, some words especially racially charged ones should never be approved of simply because they often have never been used except in the service of hatred. However, a vast majority, such as the "c-word" or "bitch" tend to be taken very uncomfortably by people around me when I use them. Mostly because they are a gendered insult. If used against a woman, it's assumed that it's taking a shot at her gender somehow. If used against a man, it's taken to be as offensive as I could be to him because he's a male. I find this incredibly silly and never mean to use these words to discriminate against one gender or the other.

      If you're a cunt, you're a cunt. I don't care who you are or what gender you are. While I don't think they should be used around kids freely because of how impressionable they are, we also need to get over some words as adults and not take offense or scold/lecture someone else for using them. Just don't use them yourself if you don't like them? At work, I'd never use them either because of how volatile they can be and in a workplace it's not professional. Didn't stop some old white racists from dropping the n-bomb in the breakroom though.
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        If people did not care about the swear word, would it be a swear word? Once people don't care, they'll cease to be swear words. We're probably in the process of seeing language change and words becoming less taboo as time goes on.

        Sam In that case I think it's a bit different from a swear word, and more comparable to a slur in that case, like calling people n***** or c*** or t***. F*** in comparison is fairly apolitical, devoid of any real "punching down" compared to how people can react to that. The F-word is a swear word and one of the stronger ones but not one with malice behind it if that makes sense. The same can't be said of the C-word.

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          Anything can be a swear word if you use it as one. We're so used to it being bad that it's seen as such. I honestly can't stand swear words. Many people I know also tend to use the f word in every single sentence they have and the same thing I see in writing like they can't come with anything more creative. More than anything I think they're annoying, especially if someone uses them constantly. There are also some words that seem more bothersome than others like the f word. Also since that's a verb, people usually use it incorrectly anyways. But as far as it being offensive, well, no matter what you do you're going to be offending someone. That's how everyone is these days, so that's nothing new by itself.


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            Unfortunately, swearing constantly sentence to sentence sounds more and more like me as I've gotten older. :P Oh, dear.
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              Never. There have always been words that are considered vulgar and unacceptable to use in public in every language. The main purpose of using them is that they are offensive and crude. If current swear words were no longer consider swear words, 3dgy people with poor vocabularies would start using some other offensive words.
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