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Ways to feel like you aren't wasting your life.

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  • Ways to feel like you aren't wasting your life.

    Sometimes I get the feeling that I am wasting my life and that I should be trying to do more for society. In these instances to avoid depression I use coping strategies.

    My main one is to remind myself that in the grand scheme all that matters is one's own satisfaction. Whether you derive satisfaction from helping others, completing video games or getting through a whole season of a tv show doesn't matter. So long as you'e happy then that's all that matters. So I do things I enjoy remembering there's no end reward for selflessness.

    Now I mentioned above that I sometimes feel like I should be doing more for society. Even though I believe there's no ultimate reward for doing this, in the short term it gives me personal satisfaction. Any improvement I make to someone's life, no matter how minor makes me feel happy. So basically what I'm saying is if you feel like you could be doing more for the world then get off your butt and do it. Unless you don't derive pleasure from it in which case find something that you enjoy.

    Thirdly, be optimistic. Don't assume that you're never going to achieve anything important. Most people can't see the future. You never know what will be around the corner. If your life sucks right now, it can get better no matter how dark it seems. Sometimes I think man I'm 28 and I've done nothing with my life. The response to that statement is well I haven't done anything... SO FAR!

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    Find ways to constantly improve yourself and your skills or to have new experiences regularly. Aim to always look back at the week before and know you know something, can do something or have experienced something new. Then you can look back at the last year and see a clear positive difference, in at least some aspects of your life. Just don't stay still in life for too long.

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      Reviving VBulletin DBZF.


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        I guess try to help people when I can.


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          Originally posted by DanielSan View Post
          I guess try to help people when I can.
          Being a people pleaser isn't a bad thing. Being a doormat is though.