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Ever had a moment of hysterical strength?

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  • Ever had a moment of hysterical strength?

    For those who don't know, hysterical strength is a display of extreme strength by humans, beyond what is believed to be normal, usually occurring when people are in life-and-death situations.

    People have been able to lift vehicles or hold other insane amounts of weight for lengthy extensions of time, sometimes staying in such a position but dying in the process. Obviously if you're reading this you might've done this and survived to live the tale, but have you ever been pushed to the "limit" of human potential in a fit of rage or desperation?

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    I have not but I have read about the phenomenon myself. One numerically estimated instance of this occurred in the US state of Florida where a sports athlete weighting 134 kg was able to successfully pick up 1600 kg worth of car off of a man - that's over 10x the athlete's weight. Manga have sort of played with the concept as well, Guts from Berserk in what's called the "Berserker armour" removes the muscle's inhibitors from his body and enables him to perform superhuman feats that wouldn't normally be possible (it's the full capacity of his own body unleashed thanks to the armour, not some external supplement).

    I've mentioned the possibility of utilising this concept for the humans before. If hysterical strength could be combined with Kaioken then the Super Saiyan transformations should be counterbalanced (think Hysterical Strength x Kaioken). Of course such a feat would likely rip apart the user's body after a short burst but it could give the necessary jump-start towards re-legitimising the human fighters. Sadly, I'm not of the opinion that Toriyama is all too focused on giving the humans a hand-up.


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      I don't know if it was hysterical strength but my granddad once threw a dog by its back legs over a fence because it was attacking my dad.

      Does it apply to feats that don't involving lifting or throwing? Because Tyson Fury's recovery off the canvas last year was pretty incredible.



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        The only thing I can think of possibly being that with me is one day during a game of basketball at school there was this kid Marc who was being a total cunt to me, pushing me about, getting in my way and just generally being a prick.
        At one point he was about to shoot for the hoop and I just snapped and pushed his shoulder with my left hand, my weak hand and he fell to the floor.

        And this is like 14-15 year old midget Steve with basically no upper body strength pushing a bigger guy who was probably on the verge of obesity.
        He died.

        Just kidding. That's probably my most impressive anger related strength feat anyway.